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Fhiona the Grove aka The Perfect Pentagram

The Grove (or if you are Wiccan, coven) meets weekly throughout the year in order to learn. There are several who will soon be ready to be dryads (priestesses) in their own right; and others who are still neophytes just beginning their path and learning. More seem to be coming all of the time!

Sometimes we get together to learn formal lessons, and every once in a while just have a fun night where we can practice skills such as scrying and other divination methods. Of course, we gather at every High Holy Festival as well as the New and Full Moons. Then there are times when we gather to offer support to one of the sisters in a time of need; to counsel or to assist in times of hardship either through moral and emotional support or practical support by means of magicke.

And there is ALWAYS time to celebrate! As a neophyte (or even as an elder sister) our students are not spoon fed. Yes, there are times when there is a right way or wrong way to do things - but the student is expected to develop critical and analytical thought in their undertakings and to be able to justify and validate their thoughts and opinions. NOT like learning from a book! They even take examinations! It is hoped that in this way the student develops wisdom and the ability to think and act independently while upholding the traditions of the path and in doing so honor themselves and those who have gone on before.

We hope in the future to be able to offer an online course for those who may be interested.


~Fhiona Coven Crafts~