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Fhiona the Dryad

Fhiona is a dryad, which is the olde way of designating a female druidic priestess. Today the term druid is equally proper when speaking of a druid priest or priestess- but Fhiona herself is a bit old fashioned and prefers the olde terminology.

She is 9th generation Scots-Canadian (9 of course being a magickal number) and is descended from four clans. One clan were hereditary druids to Chieftains of a MacDonald clan. Another clan were the hereditary Abbots of St. Colmcille's Abbey on the sacred island of Iona and claim descent from St. Colmcille himself. The other two clans were royal and remain so to this day. While studying her heritage Fhiona noted that there was a perfect balance of the earthly power and the spiritual power with Spirit in the center ( just a thought).

She was born psychic having inherited the sight from her late father. At an early age she knew she was very different from most others and decided to devote her life to developing her gifts and to learning the olde traditions. Much of what she learned, she learned from her grandma and mother...ways of being, thinking, and acting according to the Brehon Laws. At that time all teaching was done through example - hands on and by the word as there were simply no books available like there are nowadays. After studying for almost 20 years she cast her first spell and had her first real magickal lesson. Fhiona, although a teacher, is also a student; for learning is an ongoing occupation. When we stop learning we stop living.

Fhiona works as a professional psychic consultant. She has degrees in astrology, numerology, and parapsychology. She is currently completing a BA in psychology with a minor in religious studies. Her focus in on Near Death Experience research (having had 3 near death experiences herself,) spiritual counselling, and counselling women.

She has been teaching the druidic and wiccan paths in her own area for three years and practiced as a solitary for over twenty. She has followed the path for almost 30 years - yup, that would make her just about as old as dirt. Well actually, she claims to have provided the recipe for dirt to the Olde Ones. (silly grin.) She lives with her companion Raven A'kun (a Gift from the Lord and Lady; be careful what you ask for!) and her Siamese cat Xiang H'ai, who occasionally wants to have lunch with A'kun. Her people will contact his people....


~Fhiona Coven Crafts~