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O cemu se sve radi (na Srpskom)

     Almost four months has passed with no scientific activity at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. In other words, everything which can be called academic life at the Faculty doesn't exist any more. The Faculty authorities, represented by the Dean, Vlada Teodosic and a self-proclaimed professor Milos Laban, perform various repressive and humiliating measures against their colleagues, while other employees - professors, assistants and other teaching and research staff - try to find possible ways to stop continuous violence, repression and humiliation. Appointed by the Serbian government, according to the University Law, Vlada Teodosic has absolute power, which, along with Milos Laban, he uses as a weapon against other colleagues in many different ways. For example, professors, saying a single word against some actions taken by Teodosic and Laban get suspended immediately. They announced their plans to wiretap all professors' offices and phones. They spread malicious and fake rumors about some professors, acusing them for "conspiracy", "espionage", claming that some of them are already "known to the National Security" etc. Their terror is directed especially against some professors of non-Serbian ethnical origin. During their mandate, Teodosic and Laban violated several laws.

     For all those reasons, we decided to open this site - to allow the people to see the truth. Our protest doesn't have any political basis. Althouth we disagree with the powers given to the Dean by the University Law, our protest is not directed against the Law itself - it is a protest against the two mentioned persons, who ruined everything we considered to be academic before.

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