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Long ago, in the 16th century, Guru Nanak wanted to find a way to get the Hindus and Muslims in India to get along. So he invented a religion which was a synthesis of these two pre-existing religions, incorporating elements of both. Guru Nanak hoped to cause these two antagonistic religious groups to find common ground so that there would be peace between the two. Nanak's intentions were noble, to be sure, but there are problems with his approach.

First of all, these two religions are mutually incompatible. Islam is a MONOtheistic religion while Hinduism is a POLYtheistic religion. In other words, Islam believes in one god, while Hinduism believes in many gods and goddesses.

Another problem with Nanak's work is this: Both these belief systems, Islam and Hinduism, are FALSE religions, invented by Satan!

Combining two false religions will get you what? — ANOTHER false religion!

In biblical times, the Israelites, upon leaving Egypt, became enmeshed in idolatry. As soon as they left the land of their slavery, they stopped at Mount Sinai and while Moses was on the mountain conversing with the Almighty, the rest of the Jews built a golden calf to worship. This was a religion they learned during their stay in Egypt. When Moses came down from the mountain he was angry when he saw what his people were doing. God eventually punished the Jews severely for their idolatry!

It is a sin to worship anything CREATED! In other words, if God or man has created something, it is morally wrong to bow down to it and/or to worship it. The first and second commandments clearly forbid all forms of idolatry. The first commandment states: "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." And the second commandment says that it is wrong to make a graven image for the purpose of bowing down to it.

The only one who is to be worshipped is the CREATOR of all things, and nothing CREATED is to take His place!!!

Later on in their history, the Israelites became involved in other forms of idolatry. They began worshipping the sun-god Baal, which means Lord, from which you get the name, Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies, one of the many names of Satan. Sun worship is a very thin disguise for devil worship. Israel also fell into goddess worship. In Jeremiah 7:18 the prophet records how God was provoked to anger because the Jewish women were paying homage to the "queen of heaven," a title given to the goddess Ashtoreth, or Astarte, the pagan goddess of fertility.

God considers sun- and goddess-worship to be a sin! Satan is the one who invented paganism to get people to take their focus off of God (the CreatOR) and to place it on the things which God has made (the creatED)! That is why pagans venerate the created things of nature, i.e., they worship the sun, the moon, the earth, trees, animals, and various other living and inanimate things. God is the true God because He is the Creator, He made all things. But Satan, being the counterfeiter that he is, came up with a copy of the act of creation, which is PROcreation, i.e., reproduction. That is why pagans also venerate fertility and the act of procreation. Hence, the goddess of fertility and various fertility rituals.

Satan first rebelled against the Creator, Jesus Christ, and he wants everyone else to follow suit. Satan wants people to join him in rebellion against God so that they will also forfeit immortality in paradise (heaven) as he already has. This is why Satan invented all the false religions of the world. Any unbiblical belief system is a false religion. (See Isaiah 8:20)

At one point in Israel's history, God instructed Joshua to march against a pagan city called Jericho and to slay everyone in it. Jericho was known for its goddess worship and some of the most abominable practices associated with goddess worship were committed there.

Pagans/Wiccans will try to tell you that goddess worship is a benevolent and nurturing religion, but this claim is not borne out by the facts!

There is a goddess called Lilith, Adam's alleged first wife before Eve, who is known for eating her own children alive. Also, she once took one of her infant children and smashed his head against a rock and all manner of evil came out, sort of another version of Pandora's box. Lilith is also considered to be the goddess of abortion and crib death. (See the book "Wicca, Satan's Little White Lie" by William Schnoebelen.)

Schnoebelen goes on to say that there was also another goddess called Artemis. Archeologists have discovered an altar used in her worship and this altar was strewn all about with remnants of human bones!

Goddess worship originated with a beautiful witch who lived long ago in ancient Babylon. Her name was Semiramis. She married her own son, Nimrod, and together they were the rulers of Babylon and were involved in many pagan practices such as white magick, black magick, astrology, and even human sacrifice. Because of this, Nimrod was killed by one of his relatives. And as the Babylonians were in mourning over the loss of their beloved leader and protector, the great hunter Nimrod, the wily Semiramis concocted a story saying that Nimrod's "immortal soul" went into the sun. And so she instructed all the grieving Babylonians to look up to their beloved leader, Nimrod, by venerating the sun. This is where sun-worship began. Semiramis eventually became pregnant by someone else and concocted another story saying that it was Nimrod's baby and that through some "miracle," she was impregnated by Nimrod from his vantage point of the sun. This child was named Tammuz (whom you'll also find mentioned in the Bible, Ezekiel 8:13) and he was looked upon as some sort of pagan messiah since he was allegedly conceived through some kind of miracle birth and was the son of deity. Semiramis eventually came to be worshipped as the VIRGIN goddess of fertility and Nimrod and Tammuz were both worshipped as the sun-god. The worship of the "mother and child" also began here, vestiges of which you will still find alive and well in Hinduism and Catholicism.

Since Tammuz's name begins with a T, this letter also became a symbol of worship. Semiramis had people offered up as a sacrifice on a large wooden letter T in honour of Tammuz. This is how cricifixion began.

When God confused the language of the Babylonians who were in the process of creating a one world government, and the Babylonians had to scatter to the four corners of the globe, they took with them the pagan religion which they learned in their home city of Babylon. This is why every pagan culture worldwide has some variation of goddess- and sun-worship. They also took with them the worship of the letter T. That is why the Egyptians now have the Ankh, a form of the letter T with a loop on top which you will sometimes find people wearing as jewelry, and the Hindus have a cross shape which is identical to the swastika the Nazis used as their emblem.

In his exposé on Wicca, William Schnoebelen, a former Wiccan high priest king, describes a ceremony that aspiring initiates had to go through if they wanted to become priests to the goddess. Since the goddess is a female, these men had their testicles surgically removed, then they had to hold these male organs in their hands as they ran up a hill to where the temple of the goddess stood. If they could make it to the top without fainting from blood loss, they would have their wound cauterized with hot pitch and they would then be accounted worthy to become priests to the goddess.

There was also a goddess who was worshipped in ancient Arabia. She was called Al-Uzza. She was a cruel goddess who could be appeased only by the shedding of blood, both human and animal.

The Hindus also have a goddess named Kali, the goddess of destruction. She wears a necklace of human skulls and carries a severed head in one hand and a big knife in the other and she stands on the body of a corpse. As late as the mid-1980s authorities in India have found human sacrifices offered to the goddess Kali.

If any pagan tries to tell you that goddess worship is a "kind, nurturing, mother-figure-worshipping religion," you know they're LYING!!! Or else, they themselves are UTTERLY deceived, which is highly likely because Satan IS the Father of Lies and he cons anyone not willing to accept the cutting truths of the Bible.

Contrary to popular thinking, the worship of Allah did not begin with Mohammed. The Arab world worshipped the moon-god Al-ilah ("the deity," later shortened to Allah) long before Mohammed was born. Allah, the moon-god got together with the sun-goddess and together they had several daughters, the most famous of which were the first three, Al-lat, Al-Uzza and Manat. Another daughter was named Al-Zuhara. She was also known as the "queen of heaven" and presided over "all matters related to love." She was portrayed in legends as a promiscuous seductress symbolizing dancing and frivolity. This is obviously the Arabian counterpart of the goddess of love and fertility, also known as Venus, Aphrodite, Isis, Ashtoreth, etc.

Pagans also used to believe that the sun-god Baal needed to be supplied with energy to keep shining upon them and to continue giving them light and heat. Therefore they would offer human sacrifices to this pagan deity. The best sacrifice that pagans thought they could offer was a pure, newborn babe.

There was a pagan god mentioned in the Bible named Molech. You'll also find his name in Anton LaVey's satanic literature. The pagans built a hollow metal statue of this god and they would stoke a fire within it. When the fire got hot enough, they would place a baby in its outstretched metal hands and the baby would be burned alive on the red-hot metal of this statue. Then once it was dead its body would be pushed into the body of the statue to be burned up. (See "Baptized Paganism.")

Hinduism has its own sun-god, Krishna, and many other gods and demigods, some of whom are variations of the sun-god, such as Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu. In addition, they have many goddesses such as Indrani, Devaki, Lakshmi, Shakti, Durga, and the aforementioned Kali, the consort of Shiva. They also worship the cow, as the Israelites did at the foot of Sinai, and consider it to be sacred.

You can clearly see the Satanic/pagan origins of both Hinduism and Islam. The worship of both the goddess and the sun-god, Baal, were condemned and prohibited by the Almighty from the earliest times. God considers the worship of pagan deities to be a sin and of the devil, since it was the devil who invented the world's false religions so that mankind would pay homage to Satan instead of to the Creator, Jesus Christ, Satan's enemy.

The Sikh religion was synthesized from these two originating pagan religions. Sikhism adopts various components from both religions such as the Islamic belief in one god, whom Sikh's call Nam, and reincarnation, an enduring tenet of Hinduism. (See Hebrews 9:27) As you can see, any religion which is a combination of two other false religions invented by Lucifer, is ALSO another false religion! Any religion that despises the atoning blood of Christ and replaces it with man's own good works and ritual as the way to heaven is a Satanic religion.

The Sikh Golden Temple in Amritsar

Guru Nanak (the 1st Sikh guru)

Guru Gobind Singh (10th guru and founder of the Khalsa)

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