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Breeders & Farms

Click here to visit Carousel Farm Percherons
!Carousel Farm: "Registered Percheron Draft Horses for sale, Percheron Stallion Service, Driving Lessons (single/team)."

Coach Stop Farm: "We breed, raise, sell, train, and use Percheron horses on our farm. Using draft-horse power, we farm a little over 50 acres outside of Zeeland, Michigan."Click here to visit Coach Stop Farm!

Click here to visit Egan Home Percherons!Egan Home Percherons: "Here at EganHome Farms The Percheron's are like "Bacon & Eggs" Instead of being Partially Committed like the hen, We are fully Committed like the HOG..."

Dutch Love Farm Percherons: A virtual visit to Dutch Love Farm Percherons!

Click here for Panache Acres!Panache Acres Percherons: "Welcome to Panache Acres virtual home on the web. Here you can take a look at our top quality Percheron horses. We offer a few high quality foals for sale each year."
Ridge View Farms: "New Jersey's Premier Percheron Breeder. Breeding Style, Substance and Sensibility. Breeding, raising and presenting only the best!"

Twin Dreams Farms: "Breeders of the "Dream Come True" Percheron Draft Horses."

Utopia Percherons: "Always a few quality, young geldings to go."Click here to visit Utopia Percherons!

Wise's Percherons: "Our Goal is to raise horses with substance and durability. Humanely breaking horses for harness duty. Logging and Farming Exhibitions. Mowing & Landscaping for commercial properties. We will give you a free estimate for mowing your property."

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