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Breeders & Farms

Abacus Farms: "Where things just keep adding up! Breeders of Friesian Cross Sporthorses and Alpacas."

Alchemy Farms: Home of Dallas, the stallion.

Ballard Friesian Horses: "Our Friesian horses are from top quality bloodlines and are only bred to FPS/FHANA registered Stallions. The FPS (Friesian Horse Registry) registers the purebred Friesian horses and also looks after the further interests of this ancient breed. The Friesian Horse of North America (FHANA) is the North American representative of the Dutch registry."

Click here to visit Bayhaven Farms!Bayhaven Farms: "Combining Bloodlines, Temperament, Conformation, and Movement."

BilMar Friesians: "We breed the "finest quality" Friesians for Driving, Dressage and Pleasure. Call or "Better Yet" come visit BilMar Friesians."

Carter's Friesians: "Performing Horses of Fantasy. Experience the Enchantment of a Legend through a Classic."

Blackgem Farms: "Friesians, right in our neighborhood!"

Black Horse Valley Ranch: "Welcome to The Black Horse Valley Ranch web site. We are breeders and importers of Friesian horses since 1982. Please spend a little time exploring our virtual ranch. We are always available to answer questions by email, phone or fax."

Black Pearl Friesians: "If we don't have what you are looking for, we have many friends who have been in the Friesian Horse business for years, including importing and would be happy to help you find the horse of your dreams!"

Blackwater Run: "Breeding foals from multigeneration Ster Mares; As well as Main Studbook Mares; Specializing in Dressage Breeding; Foals imprinted at Birth."

Black Minx Stud: "The largest purebred Friesian stud in Australia, we produce versatile, elegant horses who perform equally as well in the show ring, dressage ring or harness events as they do at home with the family."

Click here to visit Bluffview!Bluffview Clydesdales and Friesian Horses: "Breeders and Importers of Clydesdale & Friesian Horses."

Checkerboard Farms: "Checkerboard Farms has a number of quality Andalusians and Friesians for sale."

Duncan Friesian Horses: "We believe in responsible breeding through careful selection of stallion and mare crossing, because we love the breed."

Cinderella Stables: "Breeders of Quality Friesian Sport Horses."

Crooked Pine Ranch Friesians: "Crooked Pine Ranch Friesians."

Dark Horse Farms: "Dark Horse Farms is home to a magnificent and ancient breed of horse known as the Friesian. We are proud to contribute to the preservation of this elegant, intelligent, versatile, athletic, charismatic, and gentle breed which, as recently as sixty years ago, was wavering on the edge of extinction. It is our goal to produce horses who are true to the ideals of the breed, and in this way ensure the purity of bloodlines and breed characteristics. Please explore our web site to find out more about the Friesian horse."

Equine Enterprises: "Equine Enterprises, breeding Olympic caliber American Sporthorses with size, substance, movement and personality at reasonable prices. Standing Friesian crossbred stallion "Euro". Offering high quality young stock, Jack Russell Terriers, and foxhunting with Penny Royal Hounds. Home of the American Sporthorse Registry, and also offering educational opportunities in the equine industry."

Excalibur Breeding Center: "At Excalibur Breeding Center we want to welcome you to come and see our three Friesian Stallions, Kaspar, Nanne and Dutch. Our goal has always been to help as many people possible realize their dreams as we did ours and to produce only top quality Friesians crosses."Click here to visit Excalibur Breeding Center!

Fire Mountain Friesians: "Fire Mountain Friesians."

Friesian Dreams Farms: ""Friesian Dreams Farm breeds the finest quality purebred Friesians with superior conformation and temperament. Our Ster Mares and Foals have consistently received champion awards at the kuering."

Friesian-Magic-Team: "Training, Sales and Shows with Friesian Horses."

Friesians on the Farside: "The Finest Bloodlines always shine through! FHANA / FPS Friesian horses."

Gold Country Friesian Horse Farms: "Gold Country Friesians is breeding purebred Friesian performance horses. We are Friesian Horse Association of North America members and all of our Friesians are registered with FPS. Our farm is located in Northern California near Sacramento. Beauty, movement, and gentle temperament are the goals we strive to achieve with our breeding program. Foals are imprint trained and handled daily."

House of the Friesians: " House of the Friesians" is a farm located in the Canadian Rocky Mountains where exclusively Friesian Studbook-horses are being bred and trained according to the regulations and guidelines of the Royal Society "The Friesian Horse Studbook"

Irongate Friesians: "Majestic black Friesians! Imported from the Netherlands! Big, bold, flashy, movers with lots of mane and tail!"

Leyendekker Friesian Horses: "Distinguished breeders of top quality Friesian horses. Frank Leyendekker is a progressive breeder of outstanding Friesian horses, since 1978. Leyendekker Ranch stands four qualified stallions. Horses are trained daily for show competition. Horses of all ages are available for sale."

Lost Legends: "Our Friesian Horses are allowed to be "horses" and live in a herd environment. We have found this produces horses that are well adjusted. Even while in pasture our horses are easily approached. They love attention. In hand and under saddle they are easily handled and eager to learn. It's at a trot, that you experience the awesome power that these horses possess. It's easy to see this power and admire their spirit, while watching a pair of stallions at play. They hold their heads high and proud and display a magnificent presence. One look is worth a thousand words. Our breeding program strives to produce quality offspring. Our foals are frequently handled from birth, getting lot's of love and attention. We offer horses with excellent temperament, and looks to die for. This may be a bold statement, but the only way to be sure, is to see for yourself. Our Friesians are registered with the FPS, being the worldwide authority and registry for the Friesian Horse. Our commitment is preserving the purity of the Friesian breed."

Mulberry Lane Farms: "Breeding Top Quality Friesians from Champion Stallions and Champion Mares."

Nagle Farms: "Proud home of Friesian Sporthorses, American Warmbloods, & Quariesians."

Okjen Farms: "Friesian Stallion Service; Friesian horses for sale from horses we have bred, or we're glad to find Friesian horses for you from worldwide sources."

Old Corner Stables: "Old Corner Stables offers Dutch Warmbloods and Friesian horses of top quality for sale. We breed horses that have the potential to compete at the highest level."

Renaissance Friesians: "Greetings from Karen and Lee Lucas at Renaissance Friesians in Bend, Oregon. We have owned Friesian horses since 1992 and have been breeding them since 1993."

Shaman's Circle Ranch: "Our philosophy is simple. We strive to maintain the unique qualities of the Friesian through strict and selective breeding controls and to educate the public on the rich history, versatility and kind, gentle and willing of the Friesian."

Click here to visit Ster Friesian Farm!Ster Friesian Farm: "FHANA Registered and Approved Top Quality Model and Star Mares."

Valley Stables: "Our main goal is to raise safe, family companions and use all Natural Horsemanship techniques in the daily handling of each one of our best friends. We do board on a selective basis and also offer our facility available for mare care for AI services done by our local veterinarian clinic."

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