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Associations, Groups, & Clubs

ARGE Noriker
A-5751 Maishofen

Zentrale Arbeitsgemeinschaft österr.
Schenkenstrasse 4
A-1014 Wien, Austria

Pferdezuchtverband Baden-Württemberg e.V.
Heinrich-Baumann-Straße 1-3
D-70190 Stuttgart
Fax +49-711 / 1665520

Associazione Italiana Allovatori
Via G. Tomassetti 9
I-00161 Rome
Fax +39 / 6 4249286

Oberlander Draft Horse Association
2065 Mazur Road
Cranbrook BC
Canada, V1C 6V9
Phone/Fax (250) 489 5195


The Noric Horse: A full site all about the Noric horse, including Pinzgauer Norikers.

Pinzgauer-Norikers: "Owed by Sissy Schutzinger."

Spotted Drafter's Home Page: "Pinzgauer-Noriker."

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