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Millennium Electronics

Latest news and updates:

We have a brand new product that we're sure you will love!

We are proud to announce and introduce the VS2 TV MEDIA CENTER BOX. This is what everybody has been waiting for!

This box does it all! You can watch all your favorite TV stations, every movie, every episode of every TV show, all live sporting events and games, pay-per-views events, music, and much more all on demand! You can even use this box to go online, check your email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype and more. You can also webcam and video chat right from the box.

This is the next generation of home TV entertainment!

This box works anywhere and everywhere! Now you can finally cut the cord on expensive, unreliable cable and satellite TV. That's right, you do not need any TV service for this box to work. All you need is a high speed internet connection. There are no contracts, no subscriptions, and no monthly fees with this box! A one time purchase of the new VS2 TV MEDIA CENTER BOX and you are all set.

For more information, to see all the details and to order a VS2 TV MEDIA CENTER BOX, please click here to go to the VS2 main website.

NOTE: We are not selling cable boxes, descramblers, and cable TV equipment at this time. There really is no need for that anymore. The VS2 TV MEDIA CENTER BOX takes the place of all that. Allowing you to get rid of your expensive cable and satellite TV, and watch what you want when you want.

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