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Millennium Electronics

** Very important: This company and website is under new ownership.
New news: Exciting info about this company selling digital cable decoders!
Digital cable decoders are now available! Please click here and read this
before porceding any further on this site! **

Are you tired of having to pay high rental fees each month for your cable TV converter and remote? Every month people like you pay five to ten dollars or more for rental of cable TV equipment. Over a period of time that's a lot of wasted money!

You can still have cable TV AND RECEIVE ALL THE CABLE CHANNELS! Get your own cable descrambler box, and never have to pay rental for your cable TV equipment again!!!


If you are interested in purchasing your own converter-descrambler, eliminating the needless rental of cable equipment from your cable company, please click on to our disclaimer for legal info.

To order your very own cable TV descrambler, or for more information about our products, go to products.

We will soon be selling digital cable units, and are currently selling decoders for digital cable! If you subscribe to digital cable service, and are interested in a digital cable unit or decoder, please see our digital cable page for more information.

Millennium Electronics sells universal descramblers, and hard to find cable units. Check out our new COOLBOX AVENGER UNIVERSAL DESCRAMBLER unit, just click here.
We also have monthly, weekly, and many other specials!
See our specials/sale prices page.

Get the facts about cable descramblers from our Descrambler Facts Page.

We are offering you the oppertunity to get a FREE CELL PHONE just for visiting our website. Click here to get your FREE CELL PHONE!

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