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(This is NOT a clan page! We have nothing to do with any clan even if we link to them)

Tip of the Update: Everyone, quick, find a nice solid bomb shelter! Hell froze over! DC2 is actually out! Quick, head to the high ground, find shelter, and stay there. The world is going to end shortly.
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7-14-01 -- Erm, I updated the tip of the update a few days ago. I forgot to update the news then, but yeah. That's all. And don't expect too many updates from us. We couldn't get a deal worked out with FFiends for a DC2 page, and DC1 isn't changing all that much. That's all from me - TC

3-25-01 -- I think this is the 25th.... Oh well, new tip. By the way, those are only some of the announced releases - TC

3-23-01 -- Sorry, I'm not updating. Just wanted to thank Prez for all those votes he's put towards me! TC, Page Editor (=

3-11-01 -- Small small update, because the message board page kinda died on us. So we now have a new message board. Unfortunately for you, that is all! Oh, and by the way... I sit up all night voting for TC, since he's so awesome :) Prez

11-5-00 --'s an update...can you believe? Well, really the only things updated were the Tip and the links to the DC sites/forums since they switched servers and are now running on a java server (if I remember correctly) which replaces 'wwww' with 'wild' in the addies. There are now doubles of each forum, one with the 'www' and one with the 'wild' but the game and the chat room can only be accessed if you use 'wild'. Oh...I also updated the FAQ a little's been a long time coming since the scroll bar when petition has been gone for a while now. Well, good luck to everyone in DC...if you have comments just please leave 'em in the forum, we check. That's all for now, Topcat.

6-27-00 -- An update!! A real one this time!! I updated the tip, the poll, DC2 info, and a link... Go vote now... and... umm... I am just rambling cause I don't know what to say. I guess I should work on a protocol for a DC2 help page. It is coming up fast... *rolls eyes* - Prez

5-21-00 -- Wow, school is just now starting to give us work. I think we are doing the entire year in two weeks... Oh well, I finished the update from last month awhile ago, and this is just a small fix. I fixed the links, and added a new tip of the update. That's really all that's new now, Prez.

4-25-00 -- Okay, this will be good enough for the time being... My time has been cut short, and I can't finish the update now, so I will do the rest at a later time. I have a new banner that won't have color problems, and it is in, and I will fix the little table problem when I get back, Prez. -- Somebody owes me big time...really! Go check out the weapons page now, and check out the nice organized tables...(and yes, I organized everything but the Salamander shop and Smithy list). I hope you guys appreciate took for friggin' ever! Oh's a bit more understandable now, so go check it out. Good journies, your pal...TC...who's dead tired after staying up 3 hours past his originally time to finish the weapons section (so I wouldn't put it off when I woke up). Enjoy, TC.

4-17-00 -- Finally got time to update again, although this really isn't much of an update. I have been trying to figure out how to match the shades of marroon in the banner without making an image map. So, I tried to fix the colors and I reset the poll. Please, once again, vote on whether or not the marroon color in the DCHelp banner matches! Also, I added a new tip of the week, but that is about it. Prez

3-28-00 -- I added a new poll today because I have been having trouble with the background colors of the banner matching. They did one day, but I came the next and they were off. Then, I fixed it and it was fine for awhile, but now it is off again. Please tell me what your computer sees in the poll, Prez.

3-27-00 -- Well...I doubt many of you noticed it, but the Strategy Guide wasn't too organized. Well, it's still not great, but I made it a little user friendly. Go ahead and check it out, it should be easier to navigate for you guys now. I'm going to re-write and organize most of it, eventually, but that's all I'm doing for now. Later all, and thanks (and some "special" thanks to Luke Skawalker for helping out a little with the coding) everyone, TC.

3-26-00 -- Finally another update, yeah yeah. I even got an IM asking me when I was going to update this thing as I was doing it... Anyway, new stuff, I figured I would give the tip a more appropriate name, so it is now the Tip of the Update, and yes, it is updated this time. Also, I added A LOT of info to the DC2 page thanks to Topcat organizing stuff Lawrence has said. And I guess there are a few IE users and 'other' users that have found problems on the page. PLEASE post what you have found in the forum. I am trying to make this the best page in DC, and it is hard with mistakes. Thanks, Prez.

3-20-00 -- Okay, I guess it would be easier to vote on whether everything worked or not if the poll worked... but it does now. About the tips of the weeks, you have to understand something. MY weeks are a little different than yours. Mine do all sorts of funny things, so only expect updates on tips every so often. I will update the current one... soon, Prez.

3-13-00 -- Yep, yep... I just netscapized the banner picture, so now, those who use Netscape, you can now view the entire page correctly, same as the IE users. Because of this, I reset the poll to find out if something was REALLY not working. If you do have a problem, please report what is down in the forum... PLEASE! Also, we now have a DC2 update page for you so you don't have to ask these questions in the forum. If you have any other ideas on how to improve the DC coverage on this page EVEN MORE, please tell us in the forum! Thanks, Prez!

3-12-00 -- Well, Netscape fans...I finally went and re-up-loaded all the pictures under a format that Netscape can handle. It took...forever. It was one of the lesser aspects of page making. Oh well, hope you Netscape users appreciate it ...yep, you can now see all the monster pictures. That's all from me, - TC

3-9-00 -- Well, there you have it! It isn't very different, except there is a not so bad banner. All the page links are found on it, and the 'outside' links are labeled above. There is a new tip, and new poll, and I reset the counter for the new design. My next task is reuploading the pictures that don't work under netscape, which I just realized today. The page is best viewed in IE, so stick to that if you can for now. Also, I need to write a DC2 update, cause Fred is actually working on it now. So, I guess that is it for now. The one and only, President!

3-4-00 -- Umm... my computer blew up... yeeeah, that's it. Actually, I just haven't bothered with this in awhile. But, I am back now and I have decided to rewrite the main page. Yes, I am bored... I am using Fred's idea as a main banner, then well... you'll see. Anyway, just lettin you know what is going on. Prez

2-7-00 -- Okay, after long hours with no coffee, I have done this DC quiz! It is thirty questions, and some are actaully kinda hard... Yeah, anyways, that is up, and a new poll, and a bad tip of the week for lack of better stuff to do. Anyways, enjoy! Prez

1-19-00 -- My computer is having trouble with the fact that I am in control and it does what I say to do... Bill Gates strikes again... I just got on a netscape browser, and realized colors and boldness and size were messed up in some spots. It didn't do this on IE, which is why HTML sucks so much and why javascript is so much better. Anyway, I think I got all that stuff fixed. That is all for now, Prez!

1-1- _M-H{ -- Well, it seems my computer is handling the y2k thing very well... Umm, the old poll is gone, the y2k javascript at the bottom has changed, new tip of the week... I think that is about it. Enjoy the rest of your holiday, Prez.

12-20-99 -- As the end of the world is nearing (heh), I thought it would be interesting to see your views on what will happen. That is the reason for the new poll... that and the lack of a better idea. Also a new tip of the week, but that is about it...

12-12-99 -- Yeah, I know the poll is messed up. I will get to that... well, soon. I am also working on making the trivia script (which is proving to be a pain in the ass) and exam week is here. This means no big changes on the page until next weekend (this goes for both of us!) Check out the new tip of the week page to view all the tips to this date (a whole three!!) Umm... I guess that is it. Bye for now, President : )

12-3-99 -- Okay, the banners are staying the way they are now. One pop-up isn't a big deal... New tip of the week and a better poll are the only new things. Look for the trivia soon! Prez

11-27-99 -- We got the quiz working, we just need questions! Send them in PLEASE!! I added a nifty random quote thingy at the top and the tip of the week or however often we want to update it... That's all for now, PREZ.

11-25-99 -- Hmm...yeah, it was apparently insanely easy to get the poll font white, stupid us. Well, Pres fixed that. I also made some updates, nothing big. Some wording was changed, and some information, but nothing that noticable. Also, I made some changes to a few other things to liven up the pages, but they are also just minor changes. Oh well, later, Topcat.

11-24-99 -- Well that takes care of that. I got the color to white using the complicated process of changing the whole page text color to white. *Feels like an idiot* You can vote now. The first choice in each answer is the option for the stuff and the second choice in each answer is for angelfire. It is the angelfire banner that pops up after every page switch so choose carefully. I also added a link to the test version of DC 2.0 so newbies can view areas they can't reach yet. Bye for now, Prez.

If you have any questions or comments , please mail me, Topcat, or Aramoug. You can contact President over ICQ at 36473669 or Aramoug at 29346866.


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