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Surajit's Page

June 2003
I love Stuy. =)

My birthday with my favorite stuy buddies at harvard!!!

Nikita and me and Ken

Went to see Last Samurai with Charles, Camille, and others.

This one's from 9/28/03~

Harvard Bhangra is cool

This guy played Grieg's Piano Concerto =)

This is what happens when my roommate has to write a paper. This really happened...he's hardcore...

The coolest stuy ppl back together at harvard haha!

I hate fly by

1.16.04 Pics from christmas visit to stuy! =)
Our high school concert hall was the bomb.
My messy room during reading period:


5.8.03 Oke looking oh so sharp with the Nigerian look for the Lowell House Formal.

5.5.03 Roommate Okechukwu rocking the dorm from the top down, haha, yea he woke everyone up at 2 am. =)

Then I think he got tired.

4.19.03 Wow I think I look even better than Mike sometimes, haha.

3.13.03 What up gangsta?

3.7.03 Went to Bach Soc's concert today...they played Chopin's First Piano Concerto and Beethoven's 5th Symphony. The girl playing Chopin was so good. *sigh*
2.24.03 Somebody's cracking Oke up, haha.
2.12.03 A pic of my room in Apley Court.

2.7.03 Lots of snow...the Yard looked really nice, so I went out and took some pics.

1.17.03 Final exams over as of yesterday -- time to chill.

12.6.02 Went to the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra's second concert today. It was awesome, especially since they played Rachmaninoff's First Piano Concerto.