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Name: JiLL MaRie

LoCaTiOn: St.louis MO (south county)

SCh00L: got kicked out of lindbergh

MaRiTal STATUS: SeTh ian GRissom(the greatest man alive!)

JoB:dont have one,dont need one!

Birthday: APRiL 4th, 1984(FeeL fRee To SeNd LoTs'o'PreSenTs!!)

Go to, i'm one of the name is JiLL-Tab!

FaVoRiTe THiNgS!

FaVoRiTe BaNdS:(in no specific order)blitz,cock sparrer,menace,anti-heros,the adicts,skrewdriver,peter and the test tube babies,cockney rejects,the staggers, sick of it all, dropkick murphys, h20, agnostic front, choking victim, leftover crack, link80, catch22, no redeeming social value, madball,7 seconds, dogfight(R.I.P.), one king down,good riddance, rancid, sex pistols, dead milkmen, AFI, against all authority,SNFU,warzone,the cramps, blood for blood, hatebreed, swingin utters,nelly, outkast, the cars, the doors,ramones, the business, the templars, uk subs, us bombs, very metal, scream for silence, ultraman, five across the face, strung out, osker,politikill, dumb luck, defunct, the perverts,well i like a whole bunch more bands but i cant remember em....

FaVoRiTe MoViEs: a clockwork orange, lolita, and some more...

Favorite Book:The Catcher in the Rye and 1984(big bro is watchin y0!)

StuFF I LiKe t0 d0:hang with friends, go to concerts, make prank phone calls, play with myself, be lazy,ummm...yeah

well thats pretty much it...sign my fuggin guestbook!!