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Troop Info

Basic History of the troop The Cedarbrae 168 Scouts were founded in 1996 after a lot of 3rd year cubs decided that they wanted a scout troop. The original members were Chris Hemke, Stephen Gibson, Kyle Hill, Chris Martin, Chris Pauletig and Dan Toole & the patrols were the Black Panthers and the Cougars. That first year we went on a camp every month. We even went on our first backpacking camp. Also that year Stephen Gibson & Kyle Hill created the first web page. Back then It was a plain page that only said "Under Construction" and it stayed that way for 6 months. The second year we had 5 guys join. We didnít do as much camping as the first year but we did have fun. That year the patrols were the Black Panthers, the Wolverines and the DoGs. That year we put up some information and barley and pictures on the web page. The third year we had 8 guys join our troop, bringing the total up to 20. This year we have gone on 2 base camps and 2 senior scout camps (Backpacking). We have gone to Laser Quest and the Guns of the Golden west. In all the three years that this troop has been around have been the time of our lives! For more information e-mail us at:

Here are some troop statistics:

10 First year
3 second year
6 third year
1 fourth year
We have 4 leaders in our troop
Scouter Steve Kerek
Scouter Chris Hemke
Scouter Jim Gibson
Scouter Dave Hasledine

The Cedarbrae 168 Scouts Meet every Thursday at 7:45pm At the Cedarbrae community center (Logo coming soon!)
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