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The Patrols:

DoG Patrol
GDI Hawks
Black Panther Patrol
 And, The Leaders Section

  The DoG Patrol
This patrol was formed on July 27 1997.  This patrol used to be called the Cougars. When we got the new members in the new year we decided to change our name to the DoGs. We even chose nicknames for each other (A lot of people forgot them!) Our names are Kyle Hill (WickeDDoG), who is the Patrol Leader & helps Stephen with the web page, Stephen Gibson (RaDDoG) Assistant Patrol leader & Web Master For The Troop , Chris Martin (ReDDoG) assistant patrol leader and Chris Pauletig 
( MaDDoG), founder and "Armchair President". Our badge is on the right. 

   The Cobra patrol was founded at the beginning of this year. The patrol leader is Stephen Gibson. We have 4 members including the patrol leader. We love camps (especially summer ones) and we do lots of activities.  The Cobra Patrol


The Black Panther Patrol
 The write up is almost complete but not ready to display so hold on!

The GDI Hawk Patrol
 (haven't made a write up yet)

The Scorpions Patrol


The Leaders Section Too shy to comment (haven't made a write up yet)

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