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Welcome to our Web site!
We do have a lot of experience growing cacti. We have grown many species including Epithelantha micromeris, Pelecyphora, Ariocarpus, Lophopora, Astrophytum etc. Please feel free to navigate around this site. Hope you find it interesting.

Our Mission
Our hobby is growing a lot of cacti, especially species that are becoming endangered due to loss of habitat. One of our missions is to exchange / provide seeds of these rare plants to people with similar interest, so that they can carry out their various experiments which we hope will reduce load on the wild cacti population and may one day help in reintroducing these precious plants back into the wild.

About Us
We, Clotie and Blaise have been growing cacti in India for quite a few years. Ours is a collection of many rare plants. We have some specimens of Ariocarpus and Lophophora which have grown quite large, they flower and set seeds regularly. Since the few years we have been actively trading cacti seeds on the net. Bombay is very hot (and humid) that gives the cacti a continuous growing season. However in the monsoons, the season when it rains almost continuously and very heavily, some sort of protection must be given or you may end up loosing some of your mature specimens.

About the pictures on this web site
All the cacti pictures on this web site were taken from our collection over the years.

This page was last updated on 07 Mar 2004.

Thank-you for visiting.

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