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Sourdoughs International
P.O. Box 670
Cascade, Idaho 83611
PH: (208) 382-3129
A variety of cultures collected from around the world. They also offer a book by Ed Wood, renowned sourdough researcher. Excellent quality starters.

Carl Griffith
Send a stamped, self-addressed envelope and you will receive a packet of Carl Griffith's Oregon Trail starter, a family heirloom starter. This starter has a reputation as being a reliable, good-flavoring starter.

Ranger Marketing
278 Barrel Springs Rd.
Bow, WA 98232
PH 360-724-7355
Starter and recipe booklet for $8.95 & $1.00 shipping
The author learned to use sourdough at an early age from his father, who was an 'Alaskan Sourdough' in the 1940's when he lived out in the bush of Alaska without access to refrigeration. The style of the information and recipes is a humorous, tongue-in-cheek fashion - you are instructed in the usage, care and feeding of the 'billions of sourdough pets' that make up your starter. Recipes include such things as waffles, pancakes, pizza dough and pretzels, as well as traditional and non-traditional breads. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Sourdough Products
PO Box 2004
Rockport, Texas 78381
PH (512) 729-4897
Chillkoot Pass Sourdough Starter. The Chillkoot Pass sourdough starter descended from one that was carried by a gold miner up over the Chillkoot Pass in Alaska during the gold rush of 1898. This event places the age of this unique sourdough starter at 99 years. It has every quality you might expect in a vintage Alaskan sourdough starter of this age, mellow, tangy and full of extremely active wild yeast. This is a batter-starter in a 12 oz crock jar, $14.95 + $5.00 shipping

Armchair World
2240 Federal Avenue
Los Angeles,CA 90064
PH 310-477-8960
Various starter, crock, cookbook combinations. This is probably the Goldrush starter.

Dianna Whitmer
5709 White Street
Air Station Cape Cod, MA 02542-1411
For those that would like a nice starter that comes powdered, please send a SASE with TWO stamps. Please write "STARTER" on the outside of the envelope so she will know what to send you.

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