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The Bread Bakers Forum



Some information to help make your visit easier and more enjoyable.


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If you are a frequent poster, SIGN UP at the Message and/or Recipe Boards.


When you enter a log-in name and password (your choice!), you will be able to customize the board to make it work more easily and efficiently for you.


You can tell it to remember

Your name (First or Screen Name is required, Last Name is optional)

Your e-mail address (optional, enter it so you can receive replies or messages directly)

To hide your e-mail address or not (if you entered it)

To add the URL of your personal home page (if you entered it)

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Set the Time Zone for your location

Default options (how you want to see the messages presented)


Once you have saved your personalized settings, the message board will REMEMBER them. The next time you post a message or reply, you're information will be inserted for you and you'll never have to enter it again!


Of course, you can change your PERSONAL SETTINGS any time you wish.



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