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The Bread Bakers Forum


By Joan Ross

Any basic good camera may be used although one with a lens for various close-ups may be desired.  Most modern cameras have auto focus, built in flash etc.

I use 35mm color film usually 400 speed for high definition and bright daylight exposure.  Become familiar with the various kinds of film speeds and use what is best for your circumstances, lighting and surroundings.

Consider the angle you are photographing and what characteristic you want to emphasis.  Objects will take on different perspectives if photographed at eye level, from above the object or below.

Therefore, take 2 or 3 photos of each object at various angles so you can decide which ones you prefer for the quality you are trying to emphasize.

Photograph in daylight hours with natural bright lighting if possible. If not possible, you'll need to add/adjust your lighting for the object.

Make sure there aren't any shadows surrounding the object to be photographed which can deter from the picture.

Consider the background for your object. For example a bread may be placed in a basket, on a cooling rack, cutting board, on a towel, etc.  Sometimes simple over ornate is the best rule.  Too much color or patterns in a photograph may inhibit the result you want to portray.  Often simple garnishes for food are best.

If your baked goods are pale then you may consider placing them on a dark serving plate.  Or if the baked good is very dark, you may consider a glass or pale platter or other attractive serving piece.  After a while you can judge what looks best.

As with any baked good or bread, photograph them while they are fresh because sometimes defrosted or frozen baked goods will not have that "just baked appearance".  (That is they can shrivel or shrink, etc.)

Always have your camera nearby so when a photo opportunity arises you'll be ready!

It is not necessary but you may want to develop doubles once you become confident with your photography.

You may want photos to come back on computer disc.  Many companies offer download photo services.

Be careful how your handle and store your photos.  Fingerprints or smudges on the pictures will deter from their overall quality.

Use the capabilities of your scanner to enhance (brighten, make smaller or larger, etc.) your photographs for your web page,  etc.

As with anything practice makes perfect.

Good Luck and feel free to E-mail me at with your comments/suggestions etc.

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