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Last updated November 14, 1999.

Quick jumps

Series starting with: U V W Y

Teknoman/Tekkaman Blade


A technologically powered warrior is the only defense the Earth has against powerful aliens who are trying to destroy it.

Tenchi Muyou


Tenchi's a shy guy who just happens to find a magic sword, and who is then attacked by demons and aliens! But not to worry, as the sword protects him, and these attackers are cute girls who later become enamoured of him.

Urusei Yatsura


A long running comedy about the relationship between a lecherous boy, a beautiful alien girl who loves him, and all their strange friends.

Vampire Hunter D

Vampire Hunter

A somewhat violent story of a vampire/human hybrid who tries to stop others of his kind from preying on humans.

Video Girl AI


A romantic comedy about a shy and very caring boy who gets a Video Girl tape from a strange shop, and about the Video Girl who comes to life (but only for a month) to help him get the girl he loves.

Violinist of Hamelin


A comedic adventure set in a fantasy world, where a group of semi-powerful adventurers is trying to conquer the evil leaders of their land.

Wings of Honneamise


Powerful but slow story of man's first trip into space. A million dollar production that received widespread acclaim several years back.

Yu Yu Hakusho

yuyu gang

A young, trouble-making boy dies, but is brought back to life to become a spiritual detective. A very good action/comedy.

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