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Last updated December 5, 1999.

Quick jumps

Series starting with: S

Ranma 1/2

Ranma group 1

Hilarious love-comedy about a boy who turns into a girl when he gets wet. Other characters turn into a panda, cat, piglet, and goose.

Record of Lodoss War


Fantasy story about a party of six who adventure in hopes of stopping the evil which is plagueing the land of Lodoss. A must for Dungeons&Dragons fans!

RG Veda


Good fantasy series about a group of adventurers stopping an evil threatening the world.



American adaptation of three anime series pitting the Earth against three different alien foes. Good story and great songs.

Rurouni Kenshin


A swordsman who fought in a war and was a key person in the starting of a new era for Japan reappears in Tokyo 11 years later helping other people so he can make up for all the people he killed during the war. Action/Comedy.

Saber Marionette J

SMJ cast

On a planet with no women, marionettes are used for female companionship. Three special marionettes with human emotions join an energetic boy in local and global struggles. Very funny, but halfway through turns more serious.

Sailor Moon

5 Sailors

Magical girls show, with cute girls given powers to confront the various alien evils threatening Earth.

Saint Seiya


Five kinda medieval knights (called saints) fight with mega-martial arts for peace withstanding goddess Athena against Poseidon on the sea, Zeus on the Sky and Hades at the land of the dead, and their respective saints.

Serial Experiments Lain


The story of a girl's self-discovery, in the real world and the Wired, the world inside computers. Who is Lain?

Slam Dunk


Action/Comedy centered around high school basketball players.


Slayers 3

The sometimes comical, sometime serious adventures of the world's greatest sorceress and her strong but dumb companion.

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