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Last updated December 5, 1999.

Quick jumps

Series starting with: N P



An incredibly popular show of humans in giant mechs fighting to protect Earth from the evil Zentraedi. Features lots of good songs from Minmei.

Macross Plus


The second sequel to Macross, again with flying transformable mecha, interesting personal stories, and a great soundtrack.

Magic Knight Rayearth


Three schoolgirls from Tokyo are transported to a land in peril, and become the legendary Magic Knights in order to save this new world.

Maison Ikkoku


A story of the tenants of the living complex called Ikkoku, their trials, parties, and romances (or lack of). Funny at times. From the creator of Ranma..

Marmalade Boy

MB all

The story of two couples who decide to switch partners. The daughter of one of the couples (rightly) thinks that this is REALLY weird, but is mellowed somewhat when she sees the handsome son of the other couple. A romantic comedy.



Another Miyazaki feature about human struggles in a post apolyptic world, where poisonous air and acid seas are found.

Neon Genensis Evangelion


Powerful 'angels' are attacking, and only a small group of children has the power to stop them using giant Evangelion constructs.

(All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl) Nuku Nuku

4 NukuNuku's

Action-comedy about an incredibly cute (and strong) female android with the brain of a cat.



Future stories where mecha called labors are used by police to fight the criminals using labors. Action-comedy (the movies are more of a mystery).

Please Save My Earth


Very confusing story about 7 people on Earth who begin to remember that they once lived together on the moon.


Good guys

Young people are on a quest to capture and train pokemon: mostly small and cute "pocket monsters" with a variety of special abilities.

Project A-ko


A girl with incredible strength (A-ko) tries to live a normal life with her friend (C-ko), only to be constantly attacked by an ultra-smart girl (B-ko) who wants C-ko to herself.

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