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Last updated November 21, 1999.

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Series starting with: B C D E

Aa! Megami-sama (Ah! My Goddess/Oh My Goddess!)

Goddess Trio

A nerdy hero is granted a wish by a lovely goddess. He wishes for someone like her to be with him forever. She stays with him, using her powers when necessary, and is later joined by her two sisters. Great animation and soundtrack.



In the future, biker gangs and the army battle while a powerful entity known as Akira may be set free from his captivity.

Bubblegum Crisis


Girls with powerful body armor and big guns save MegaTokyo from the threat of the bio-engineered Boomers. Great soundtrack and decent animation. After 8 episodes the title changes to Bubblegum Crash.

Card Captor Sakura

Sakura battle

A young girl unwittingly releases the magical Clow cards into the world, and is then charged with retrieving them, using her new magical abilities. Comedic adventure.

City Hunter

City Hunter

Ryo is the best gunsman in the world, but he has a weakness for any and all cute girls, and his advances on them constantly upset his female partner Kaori, wielder of 100 ton hammers.

Combustible Campus Guardress


High school students with special powers try to prevent a gate from an evil world from opening. This show mixes action with very funny comedy.

Dirty Pair

DP Flash

These OAV/TV series/Movies revolve around two cute female crime fighters of the future who use any and all means available to solve their problems. Dirty Pair Flash is an OAV series in the same vein, but with different character designs.



A cute DNA officer from the future travels to the past to stop the Mega-Playboy, who is responsible for much of the overcrowding in her time. Comedic love-story.

Dominion Tank Police


An action-comedy about the efforts of the Tank Police to control crime in the future. Features the famous sexy cat sisters.

Dragonball / Dragonball Z


A team of high-powered hereos quest for the wish-granting Dragonballs. Later the title changes to Dragonball Z, and the story concentrates more on fighting.

Dragon Half


A young half-dragon half-human girl with great strength named Mink is infatuated with the famous dragon-slayer Dick Saucer. Hilarious comedy. The ending song is the weirdest I've ever heard (but it's cool!).


El-Hazard TV

4 people are magically transported to the world of El-Hazard, where a war is brewing between humans and the Bugrom. These 4 each gain special powers which help decide the course of the battle. Action/comedy.



A girl is transported to a magic world where fantasy meets giant robots, and with her magic pendant she attempts to stop an evil menace alongside a young king and the mighty mech Escaflowne.

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