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Here you will find links to other Anime sites, as well as SE Michigan Anime club info.
Last updated December 12, 1999.

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NEW! Items for sale

I am selling a copy of MIXXZine #1 and a demo pack of Pokemon game cards.

I have five of each, and am asking $5 (+ shipping) for each.

If interested, email me.

Sailor Moon movie

One Sailor Moon fan is trying to make her very own movie! For information
on this project click here.

Sailor Moon game

A small game company is trying to make a Sailor Moon game, based on Sailor Stars.
To get info on this, click here.

Cast Your Vote!

1996 year-end results are posted here.
1997 year-end results are posted here.
1998 year-end results are posted here.
Check out the 1999 anime survey. Voting starts anew for 1999. Results are posted here, and are updated every few days.

Quick jumps

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Some good general anime sites

Anime images sites

Manga sites


Anime music sites

Adult anime sites

Japanese Language Pages

If anime has gotten you interested in the Japanese language, check out these pages.

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