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Welcome to the Unofficial All Star United Page where you'll find everything you've ever dreamed as an ASU fan!!   Find out all you need to know on All Star's members on the band page. Check out ASU's latest CD, browse song lyrics, and grab some chords to All Star United's top tunes on the music page. At the fans page, you can  chat about ASU at the ASU Cyber Cafe, join the ASU Cyberfan Club, take part in the ASU Poll of the Month, or give your ASU opinion. If you want All Star desktop wallpaper, pictures, song sound files, t-shirts, stickers, and even colouring pages, the stuff is the hang-out for you! Visit dozens more All Star United pages from the links page. So come on in, make yourself at home, and go groovin' through the site... and don't forget to sign the guestbook on the way out!!

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