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Happy Healthy Holidays and A Promising New Year to You All.

All four kids and Jim are doing quite well. Tried working full time but between daycare costs taking 90% of my take home pay plus the fact I missed my girls and they me! Just did not work out though sad to say I also enjoyed working again in the mainstream. As I was allowed to use my marketing and writing skills to their fullest capacity with great success.


If I had a dollar for every time someone writes to me and asks questions about adoption or praises my two youngest girls I could afford to adopt again, tee hee.

I just want to say I suffered a great emotional plus a substantial financial setback over losing Allie. Not trying to make anyone feel sorry for me, I just want to say this.

Use an accredited licensed agency to adopt from overseas!!!!

Don’t lose your heart, family; possibly your home trusting so called friends in high places that say they can do your adoption cheaper and faster!

Jim and I did and we lost Allie, almost lost our home and came close to losing our marriage!!

Yes some will say I told you so but the haunting memory of trying to save Allie’s life and the fact this year my remaining four kids will see more old decorations than new gifts for the Holidays. That is my punishment enough plus the permanent loss of my fifth child.

Would I do it again? To save Allie or another child in her predicament? Yes.

I love children period and every child deserves a loving home, here in the USA and overseas. Why always overseas for me? Because the children there have a lesser chance of making their 3rd birthday. Because of Katerina especially with her Cerebral Palsy and her strength and determination that she will walk on her own someday has endeared me to Russia forever plus the wonderful friends I made there.

Would I like to adopt again? In a heartbeat if a fairy godmother could pay the upfront adoption costs. I had wanted to end the adoption cycle with a little girl named Anastasia Irina but I guess its not meant to be. Since believing in fairy tales and so called angels ruined our lives this past year I will stay clear of that one.


Do your homework; Make sure an agency you use is licensed, accredited, not for profit, has been in business for a minimum of two years. And that the people they use as references are not employees of the agency or paid references. Contact the BBB and the State Licensing in the state the agency is licensed in to make sure they are in good standing. Never pay more than an application fee upfront. Know the adoption laws!

ADOPTION is wonderful and God has so blessed me with wonderful, beautiful biological and adopted children.

Children are our future, we are their past. Lets make sure they have something wonderful to look forward to and something wonderful to remember us by.

Zach, Amanda, Katerina, Shana and my beloved James Michael-you are my life



Patti Ann Borgren

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