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Across The Hall - A Friendly Place

HellOOOOOOOOO Welcome To Across The Hall!!!!!...... The Best Friends Webpage........... Well That Might Be A Little Lie........ But.......... I'll be there 4 u!!!!.......

This is Across The Hall, a webpage totally devoted to the best TV programme Friends!

Across The Hall has just gotta makeover! WHhherrrrrhhoooooo!!!!! So visit the apartments or central perk to catch up with the Friends!!!!
Please Sign The Guest Book B4 U leave - Thanx!

OH... and just to confuse anyone who was to expecting to find PeachLilli's newsletter thingy here - this page has nothing to do with her. If you want to join PeachLilli's newsletter (which is VERY good, so I would if I was u) e-mail her at: Across The Hall

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Yes U'd better beleive it this sites actually won Three, yes THREE awards!, OK you would be able to see that I've won three awards if the pics worked, GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR, but I'm leaving it there even if it is broken just to prove I got it!
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So Where Do u Wanna go?

Central Perk - The Interactive part - Chat, quizzes, message boards, fanfic, games, links and more
The Apartments - Intresting articles, cast bios, chick and Duck page and all about Mathew Perry's hair!