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Since my time on the internet i have visited countless amounts of chatrooms there are hundreds on Hanson chatrooms, i found there are only 2 really good Hanson chatrooms where all the people are nice, friendly and are really cool people to talk to, the best Hanson Chatroom of all time i would say have to be the hansonhouse chatroom. You can access this chatroom bye either going to and clicking chat there are various java chats by doing this or if you have Mirc you can go to Webnet.SantaClara server and you can get into the chatroom that way. Hillary who made Hansonhouse has done a execellent job with her chatroom, and hundreds of people pass through it everyday, this is probably why it is one of the top chatrooms of all time.

The only other really good chatroom is the official hanson chatroom at yahoo, i find that this chat runs quite slow and you cant really chat there cause everyone is bitchin about who loves watever hanson more and all that and it is quite pathatic.

So yeah there my two votes for the best chatroom so go check it out i chat in there as JaYdeN so you might see me there and if you do say g'day!

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