Are you going Fishing?

Scripture Text: Luke 5:1-11

Four Things you must know before you go Fishing for Men…

1. To enjoy fishing we must have A passion for fish

2. We must have A plan for fishing

a. Take the time

b. Prepare the bait

c. Wet the hook, give them a chance to bite.

  1. Plan for the catch. Take a net. Make povision for the new catch

Where are you going to put them? Where are they going to park? Where are they going to sit?

3. A Patience for Fishing

4. A Pattern for Fishing

Are you ready to go Fishing?

After the visit, Follow Up!

If they were not able to make it to church, let them know that you missed them and still want them to attend.

Tell them why the Lord is special to you and what he has done for you. This is your personal testimony. Share Him!

Don't give up, continue to pray, invite, and share Jesus. Use the scriptures on the back of a church card to share God's Plan of Salvation for their lives. Now, begin to make your list of friends, family and neighbors to pray for: