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WCW/nWo Revene Zone Update Log

August 15, 1998

I started the WCW/nWo Revenge Zone!!! I put up the page, put all the needed pages, but none of them have much stuff in it, because the game is not out yet.

August 16, 1998

I put all the pictures and movies from into the Movie/Image gallery. I added a guestbook, and made new logos for front page and sidebar.
October 21, 1998

Hey yo, sorry for the no updates for a while, there wasn't much to do. Anyways, now that the game is coming out October 25, 1998 I think I'd better work on this site a bit more! So, now there are more screenshots and movies on the Images/Movies section, but now they are links to other sites which have copywrited pictures etc. so go to them, and give them a look!

October 24, 1998

I have updated the news page, since the game is being shipped on the 26th, it will arrive in stores on the 27th or 28th.
October 28, 1998

Hey yo, I have put some codes up, and stuff.

October 31, 1998
Hey yo, I have put some codes, secrets and glitches. Enjoy. It is now Halloween and I still haven't gotten Revenge. Cheap shipping companys!!!

November 4, 1998
Hey yo, I put up some news, cheats/codes, and glitches.
November 6, 1998
Hey yo, I put up all the Wolfpac move lists, and some for nWo Hollywood. Chill.