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[The scene opens up overlooking Rundle Park in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. The camera closes in on what looks like 3 people jogging along the trails along the riverside. Coming in closer, it is obvious that the trio is Thunder, Magnum, and Erica. Thunder is wearing a green Adidas track suit, with Adidas shoes. Magnum is wearing Silver Nike shorts, and a Magnum t-shirt, with Nike shoes. Erica is wearing a blue Adidas womens training suit, with white Adias shoes. Her stomach is growing slightly, but hardly noticable. They run by a small pond, and then they stop at the snack shack just ahead. They all get a bottle of water, and take a seat on the benches provided.] Erica: "I'm going to watch the ducks swim around for a bit. Come get me before we continue our run." Thunder: "Sure thing 'Er." Magnum: "You know...these Allied Powers don't seem to show us any respect! After all, we are former champions in the MFW, and you, have already held a title in the IWA." Thunder: "Thats right. Now, for you Allied Punks, along with my good friend, Fatal Accident, him and I were the greatest tag team to ever grace the MFW, being the first ever MFW Tag Team Champions. Now, we held the titles a long time, because there was no talent to face us. We beat 'em all up, and then, they never really wanted a rematch, cuz they knew we would destroy them again." Magnum: "Thats right..and ya know, I've learned a lot watching you two team, time after time, and I beleive I am ready to take over, as we make our debut tag match at Danger Zone, agains the Allied Powers." [Both take a sip of the water.] Magnum: "How do you like to call us? Jack Asses or something along those lines. Well, let me tell it to you, in a way that you will understand...that don't mean JACK all fool. You two don't know what tagging is all about. Teamwork is key. You two overgrown slobs looked like crap against the Face Mob. That team isn't anything to go nuts over, and you still couldn't hold yourselves up." Thunder: "Allied Powers, at Danger Zone...we're going to rip you two meatballs to shreds." [Takes sip of water.] Thunder: "Now...there is this little man that goes by the name of...Eze...what is it Mag?" Magnum: "Easyikeial or something. Easykill? I think thats it." Thunder: "No...Something more like Ezekiel or something. Either way, he will be easy to defeat. He wants to get in on this number one contenders matchup? Well, Allied Powers seemed to have agreed to let him in, well, I guess we have to agree as well." Magnum: "Yeah. We'll kick his, and whoever elses ass he brings in as a partner all over that ring, much like we will to the Allies." Thunder: "Now Ezekiel, your Brotherhood means nothing. It has no power. Soon enough, you will realize why, but that is beyond my point. Zeke, I know you wanted this triple whatever you want to call it, but you ain't gonna get it. Becuase, if you need the Tag Titles, well, you are looking at the next champs right here, Thunder and Magnum." [Points to selves.] Magnum: "Live Wire is ready to let rip, and win ourselves some gold. Now, Downfire and Pixie are the champs now, am I right?" Thunder: "I believe so." Magnum: "All right, so, you two, you'll be seeing us at the Demolition after the Pay Per View spectacular, Danger Zone." [They take a drink of water.] Thunder: "On a much more serious note...just this weekend, the entire world was shocked, when an old friend of mine, Owen Hart, fell 50 feet to his death. I have known him since, I don't know, for about 4 or 5 years now. He sure was a great guy. Pulling pranks all the time. He'd do anything to get a laugh. I remember one time, back in Calgary, a few years before my big break, I was in the Dungeon. Training, learning with the master himself. I guess Owen had told his dad to do this, because I put a move on Stu, and he fainted or something. I freaked out, I didn't know what I did. Then, Owen comes strutting down the stairs laughing. Stu gets up, and starts laughing too. I almost lunged at him, but, I started laughing too. You know, its hard to believe a guy like Owen is gone. Owen, I dedicate our tag match to you." Magnum: "I never knew