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WCW/nWo Revenge Zone Miscellanious Moves

                                          Basic Maneuvers
--------------------------------------------------Punching and Kicking Attacks
--------------------------------------------B(short): weak punch, weak kick
D-pad+B(short): near attackB(long): strong attackGrapples-Front and Rear
------------------------------------A(short):weak grappleA(long): strong grapple
Whip to Ropes- Weak or strong----------------------------------------------
D-pad toward ropes+C-down: throw to ropes
Whip to ropes, L button: fall to ground or hurdle opponent
Whip to ropes, run toward opponent, R button: shoulder block leads to faceoff
Opponent on Mat-------------------------A(head or feet):attack/submission hold
B: striking attackC-down, B: running attackC-down: hop over opponent
R: pick up opponentC-left: flip opponent overApron moves: Opponent in Ring
----------------------------------------------D-pad+C-up: enter/leave ring
C-down: run on apronB: kick/punchA(short): attack(certain wrestlers only)
A(long), A or B: suplex or other attack
A(long)C-down: run opponent into turnbuckleR-button: avoid attack
Apron moves: Opponent out of Ring
C-down, A: flying attack(certain wrestlers only)B: kick opponent
D-pad+A: flying attackR: avoid attackTurnbuckle moves--------------------------
D-pad toward turnbuckle+C-down: climb turnbuckle
D-pad toward turnbuckle+C-down(hold): climb turnbuckle and stay up there
Dazed opponent in turnbuckle-------------------------------------------
A(short), A or B: turnbuckle moveA(long), A or B: top rope suplex
Tag Team/Handicap/Battle Royal moves
Z: toggle between manual and CPU controlC-up: tag or climb into ring
A(same time as partner): double team attack(You) Rear Grapple/Strong, C-up,
(Partner) D-pad toward turnbuckle+C-up: Pick opponent up on shoulders and
your partner will knock him off with a clothesline or etc.Moves outside Ring
-----------------------------C-up: grab weapon from crowd
D-pad toward ring+C-down: slide into ring with or without weapon
A(opponent in ring,his back to you): trip opponent
A(opponent in ring,he is facing you): drag opponent out of ring
Attacking with a Weapon-------------------------------------
B(short): swing weapon B(long): overhead attackC-down, B: running attack
Opponent outside of ring------------------------------------
D-pad toward opponent, A: flying attack over top ropes
D-pad toward turnbuckle+C-down, A: flying attack over turnbuckle(somewrestlers)
D-pad toward opponent+C-down, A: running attack over, through, or under theropes
(depending on wrestler)Other Moves-------------------
D-pad+C-down, C-up: run toward ropes to slide under ropes and end up onapron
C-down, L: run toward opponent then duck behind him to gain an advantage
C-down, R: run to opponent then roll to his side to gain an advantage
Hold R to come up in a crouch after being knocked down, B: S.Steiner's lowblow
Hold R to come up in a crouch after being knocked down, A: Cheap grapple