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The All Australian Team was announced last night with only Jeff Farmer to be selected. BUT as a consolation prize Shane and Adem Yze will be flying to Ireland with the team as emergancies.

Also Shane is Mr December in the Men For All Seasons calendar.

Many of you might have seen Shane make his debut on The Ch 9 Footy Show. Most of the panellists go onto the Grand Final show so look out for him there (Unless we get into the Grand Final! *Fingers crossed*)

Also on Ch 9 just before the weather reports of most news programs look for the Melbourne boys doing Melbourne Water ads. Shane is on one of them.


If you go to the Pumped Up Down Under Website again you will notice that they have the final list of gorgeous guys that are modeling on their men for all seasons calendar! To save you the trouble I will put the names up here right now:

FINAL LIST - Featured in this year's Men for all Seasons calendar are: , Koutoufides (Carl), Hamill (Carl), Hay,Croad and Dixon(Hawthorn), Licuria (Coll), Woewodin and Leoncelli(Melb), Burgoyne (Port),Spriggs and Harley [Geel] Mecuri [Ess] and S.Black [Brisbane]

You can order the calendar online at their website and by the looks of the list I think it would be a great buy.


For all the fans that want their fave players onto the Men for all seasons calendar, you can vote for them on the Pumped Up Down Under Website . Nice to see Shane has re-bleached his hair as well.


Shane is a Deputy! Of course this must be obvious as good news travels fast! Either way for the few people who haven't found out Neita is Captain, Schwatta is the Vice and Chells and Woe are the Deputys! They all deserved it and no matter how the years goes at least it has started with the right decisons! Hope to see a few peoples at Luna. I will be there most likely to congratulate Shane and say hi to a few of the guys!


I don't really care if you don't want to hear that I do Psychology! I basically wrote it because I get all these e-mails saying all this stuff about me spending my life in front of a computer so now you know that at the moment it is consisting of work and homework and occasionally coming on the internet! If you have a problem, don't come to the site. I'm not that fussed!


Happy new Millennium everyone!!! I can't get enough of that word! Either way I am now in year 11 loaded up with homework so if I don't write much it is because I am writing up psychology reports and other boring stuff like that. Sorry! Either way I know a lot of people have been coming to the site so please amuse yourselves together by writing e-mails or if you want I could start up a message board of some sort!!!! Either way the footy has started and Shane has become the captain!!! Well only for 1 match but it is the beginning of something I guess! And I hope most of the fans will be cheering them all on against Essendon tomorrow night. I should be there permitting I can have a lift (There is no way I am going to find another way into practically the middle of nowhere at Waverley!) Either way that is all for now. I have the morning off work so I will try and get a calendar done.... If your lucky!!!!


Anybody up for a week in Can Cun, Mexico? That is where 30 of the Melbourne boys are right now and hopefully in the sun and away from the floods and earthquakes!!! Shane will be continuing his holiday with a stop in Las Vegas before returning to Melbourne to begin a summer of hard training. The season has finished and the best and fairest has been announced as David Schwarz with Shane one vote behind him. Wish I was at the gala event but I was hoping my scouts there would be able to help me with all the goss. One had one too many drinks and can't remember the night too well but as soon as someone tells me anything interesting I will be writing it on here!


STEPH - OK you wanted your own spot on here so here it is. And what is her claim to fame? Running around a corner into Travis Johnstone in the Adelaide Hyatt. How was she to know he was there???

SARA - Basically Russell R's biggest fan.

KASEY - Who reminded me of Steph's story. Deserves a mention too.


GET WELL SOON SHANE! Lion, Stephen Lawrance may soon be getting injured so if anyone sees a headline in the paper about him being attacked by a woey fan that would be me. If nobody has any idea what I am talking about Lawrance gave woey a "Late bump" knocking Shane to the ground and within a second a melee was started with at least 20 players around in it. Shane wasn't good for about half a minute til he got up and went onto the interchange for a short break. At one stage he looked like he was knocked out! And a short break was all he needed as he became the leading kicker in the league for this weekend. He was also beating Voss in their contest until he got bumped. To brighten up the day was the fact Lawrance was reported. To ruin today I find out the case was dropped. Oh well I guess you can't win them all. He should be fit to play on the weekend though. As for the Adelaide footy trip I have needed a week to recover! OK we lost but in fine fashion Shane kicked a goal right in front of us as we were sitting with the cheersquad behind the goals. He also kicked a behind and after the game I caught up with Shane for a chat at the aftermatch and we discussed that point. I told him he played well and that I loved his goal where he pointed out it should've been two. He also told me the team was flying out at 10 in the morning. A little later than our 8am flight! As for how much sleep you can get, I got 3 hours! Up until then we were wandering the hotel seeing where all the players were hiding. Guy Rigoni was wandering all night (And morning) trying to find the players and we caught up with him a lot in lifts. As for the social gathering on one of the lower levels that involved a lot of players... don't look too suspicious when you try to suss them out. My friend learnt that one! I never saw Shane at the hotel though. Either way it was a good weekend. If you are ever given the opportunity don't turn it down. Adelaide ain't that great but the memories will out live everything. Especially all the weird looks the Port fans give you! Here are two very special thankyous to some special people:

Mereana and Joanne, It was great meeting both of you and eventually I want to do it again! And for a longer period of time! I am sooooo happy that you could talk to Shane as well. He ain't that scary is he?

And Travis! Thankyou Trav for sticking up for Shane in the Melee by grabbing Micheal Voss in a headlock! Everytime I see the footage it brings a smile to my face!


Well it has been a long time since I came to write in this section so here is the latest update. Melbourne as a team hasn’t been doing the best but this week against Hawthorn we can beat them for sure. I will be tipping them anyway! A few weeks ago after the Sydney loss, Shane and a few other players struted their stuff down the catwalk showing off some fine clothes by the company blazer. Shane even had the shirt he was wearing auctioned off. It ended up going for $110 dollars. And no it wasn’t me who bought it. He also had a poster he had signed auctioned off for $140. Russell tried to get a higher price for his poster but it also went at $140. All three lucky buyers got kisses off the players. Shane giving pecks on the cheek and Russell going for it right on the mouth of an unsuspecting fan! Anne Maree Biggar answered all our calls by making Shane take his shirt off. A few other guys like Peter Walsh and Nathan Brown were all too keen to shed some skin though. The night closed with dancing and photos with the players. Including one with Shane for me and a dance with Nathan Brown. Last weekend was the Cheersquad disco where we all dressed to our finest. Shane did not attend he was busy at another event for Garry Lyon. Either way I got a dance in with a few players such as Nathan Brown and Travis Johnstone. All players we very keen to keep one hand on the bar all night and not be dragged onto the dance floor. The joke was on them though when the DJ put on the Chicken dance which they all shyly danced to. By the end of the night everyone thought the night had reached its peak. It hadn’t. Travis J grabbed the microphone and sung the last two songs which weren’t too bad (When the mike was turned off!). Those songs were “Throw your arms around me” and “American Pie”. Trav struggled on the last one coz he only knew the word to the chorus but Walshy was close by and he knew every word! All in all a hug from Nathan sealed the night and I left happy unaware of the early morning I would encounter the next day… What was on the next day you may ask? The Young demons clinic of course! Shane made it as well as a few other players. We practiced marking the ball on these huge padded blocks. Luke Speers had us jumping really high and Schwatta got us bumping into him hard enough to knock him over. Shane and Todd V were also around to give us pointers. It was good fun had by all. There was then competitions to see who could answer questions asked by the players. I answered Schwatta’s one and he sent me to the other end of the oval and belted this ball down to me. If I caught it I got to keep the ball. If I didn’t I did as well. Hence to say I dropped it. Either way I still had fun! I know a lot of other people there did too. And there is my report. School work is at a high for me but as soon as I get a break I will get the pics going. Hope you can wait! Have a look at the new calendar!

I’ll be coming to a town near you from the 14-15th of August for the Port v Melb game! If you want to meet get in touch and I can give you details. I will be at the game with the cheersquad so you can find me around there!


Well since I have last written in here we have lost to North, beaten the reigning premiers and let West Coast keep the top ladder spot. Saturday night was not a great game of footy to watch. Players from both sides made silly mistakes (Including not realising a player was breathing down you neck and it was too late to get the ball out etc.). In the end the loss for our side made the game worse. Next week we play Sydney though so all is going to change with a really good win. On Wednesday night at 9:30pm put your TVs onto Channel 7 and watch Live and Kicking as they are going to find out who the hunkiest guy in the AFL is so lets all vote for Shane and get all the other pretty boys such as Ben Cousins, Jess Sinclair and Matty Lloyd off the top spot! Remember he fared very well in the Pumped up down under voting.


A month has gone by and nothing much I can write about. Melbourne have lost three straight but that is going to change Monday when we meet up with Collingwood. Remember to come along coz The Collywobbles certainly put on a good show against us. Remember last year? 3 points the difference! I don't think anyone's hearts are the same now! Shane scored one goal against Freo last week and aparently was on Brad Dodd (Thanks Michelle!). As far as my footy tippping comp please keep joining up as it is never too late and takes about 1 min to fill out each week. My mother is leading at the moment so we need fresh blood to remove her from the top! Thats all from me and Go Dees for Monday! Oh and if you see me at the footy COME UP AND SAY HI!!!!


I wasn't actually there yesterday against the bulldogs but a friend who was said it was awful out in the rain. 5 degrees as well. I was by a warm heater and a radio because I had no form of transport to get to OO. Shane was at full back against Matthew Croft and from the 3 highlights of him on channel 7 last night he wasn't doing that well. Once on the mark as Croft kicked a goal, once playing behind and Croft getting a mark in the goal square and once looking like he didn't know what to do. Both channels 9 and 7 did have praise for Shane as Croft was taller and usually a backman and he did rake up possessions through the game. The highlights of Channel 7 didn't flatter him or the Melbourne team though (The camera crew must've barracked for Western Bulldogs!). In the last 5 minutes he did get a goal and that was about all I saw. ABOUT THE PHOTO SECTION!!! I want to redo the whole section soon which may take a little time. Sorry for the delay (I do have a life besides this) and I do have pics and now I just need the time to put them up!


Well sorry for the delay in writing. Homework and work experience have gotten the better of me. 2 good games I haven't written about in here. The first was against Brisbane where we lost. Shane played on the backline against Michael Voss. Pretty disappointing to watch but last weekend against Esseendon was really a great game of footy between two teams. Goal for goal until the last quarter where we really got the lead up and kept it until the end of the match. A memorable moment for me was when Blake Caracella was knocked out by Matty Lloyds lethal elbow. Shane had the ball and Caracella was chasing. Matty came running towards Shane with his elbow flying, Shane dodged and Caracella got a blow to the head that sent him flying to the ground unconscious. Very good viewing. Due to the popularity of this site I have recieved an award from the links2go website. More news soon as I haven't been able to make a new page displaying it yet! C ya! next week and Go dees!


Well we now have 12 points on the board and hopefully a lot more to come after yesterdays game. Bad luck to Bishop who has broken his arm after a tackle in which he landed on it. Ouch! A well done has to go out to Ben Beams who in his first game played very well kicking 1-2 through the posts. Shane was on and off the the boundary from the second quarter onwards finishing the game at Full Forward. Troy Longmuir (Norwich Rising star Rd 3) and Shane kept Wanganeen quiet (when he wasn't whinging to the umps) and after winning by 24 points, Shane went into the rooms and had to give a drug test that has sparked some controversy... not from Shane but the actual people in charge of the drug test. The people in charge were not allowed in to the team meeting after the match. Wherever Shane went the men had to be right beside him which meant causing him to not attend the team meeting. Oh well. Thats footy as Shane said on Dee TV about Jason Heatley getting hurt. Shane didn't repeat his Goal of the year perfromance from this round against Port last year. Matt Bishop came close though with 3 bounces along the wing and a kick into the forward 50. Nice to know that relatives of Shanes are enjoing the site. Thanks Larissa for signing the guestbook to make a few people jealous.


What a win! 1 point the difference thanks to Russell Robertson leaping over the pack to punch the ball in! Shane played on the forward line most of the night kicking 1-1. The other bottle blonde played down on the backline taking a mark in the dying minute of the game to secure the win. Peter Walsh will be keeping his senior spot safe for a while if he plays like he did last night. Shannas did his hamstring and Marcus Seecamp was knocked out by Stingas hip. X-Rays were done as a precaution. Lets hope they can both get back quick. Wiz did well for staying in touch with Crawford kicking 2 goals. The other Jeff returned for his first match this year and took a great mark on the wing. The team seems to have found its feet again. Next weeks game against Port should be a good fight. With us coming out on top of course! Photos will be coming as soon as I can get them!


Well it looks like I filled up my page too much so everything was deleted. Oh well I will have to start again. I was sitting right in the heart of the cheersquad at Shell Stadium and what a thrilling last quarter by Melbourne! So close yet so far. The team weren't playing well all day until the second half where they powered the ball up to the forwards and kicked a few goals. I reckon if we play like we did yesterday against Hawthorn on Friday night the Hawks are in for a pouncing like you wouldn't believe! As for it being Shanes 50th (Consecutive) match, the banner looked spectacular (I should know. I made it the night before). For all the people that didn't get tickets and missed the chance to see it before Shane coat-hangered himself in it, it said:






Hopefully I will get a photo of it soon. Shane played on Jason Mooney for the first half at centre half back. He then moved more freely around the centre of the ground, even getting a hitout(!?!) at one of the centre bounces. Bad luck went the Dees way when Tristian Lynch moved away from the pack and took a mark in the dying minutes of the match to seal the win with a goal. 7 points separated the teams then and Melbourne raced the ball up to the other end of the ground to score a behind. It was all over soon after that and the speakers belted out the new (Upbeat?) Geelong song. What a terrible way to end anyones day. To all the people who are thinking of exiting the bandwagon, please do not lose hope. The players all did really well in that last quarter and I think Hawthorn will turn into a great match. So everybody turn up and support the Dees!!!