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Creating your own chocolate lollipops, chocolate bunnies and other molded chocolate candy is easier than you might think.
Start with chocolate wafers in milk and dark chocolate, white chocolate or a rainbow of pretty Easter colors.
Clear plastic molds come in the shape of bunnies, ducks, lambs, chicks, crosses and other Easter symbols.
Click on the chocolate bunny pops below for directions.

Click on the chocolate easter eggs below for recipes for
Peanut Butter Eggs, Coconut Cream Eggs, Fruit and Nut Eggs and Buttercream Eggs.

Go to Peepsville for recipes and crafts using those famous marshmallow peeps & bunnies found in everyone's Easter baskets. See clever ways to use them for decorating an Easter cakes and cupcakess. There's more dessert recipes and adorable craft ideas.

Celebrte Easter with Hershey's.
In addition to the great Easter dessert recipes, there's egg hunt ideas, games
and craft projects. Just about any recipe from this chocolate lover's
dream come true website would be perfect for Easter!

These sites are also full of more recipes for chocolate lovers!

Recipes - Past & Present from Wilbur Buds has wonderful
chocolate recipes including one for peanut butter eggs.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company has recipes for baking with chocolate
plus tips on tempering chocolate and melting chocolate.

The Godiva Chocolatier has a fabulous selection of chocolate recipes.
You can browse their recipes by category or search alphabetically.

Bright - has recipes for colorful Mini Cheesecakes and cute Baby Animal Cupcakes for Easter.

Go to my Home cooking site at BellaOnline
for directions and a diagrams for a pretty
Easter Bonnet Cake
or a cute and fluffy
Sitting Bunny Cake.

The Pastry Wiz has beautiful cake decorating ideas with
easy to follow directions plus other Easter recipes.

This Funny Bunny Cake is so cute!
This bunny face with a big bow tie is made from 2 - 9" layers.

Go to Reynold's Kitchen's.Com to get directions for
Easter Basket Cupcakes
and Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Reynold's Kitchen's also has recipes and directions for
Painted Easter Cookies and
Easter Mini-Cakes

Everyone love's Brownies for dessert!
For Baker's« One Bowl Easter Egg Brownies
you use an egg-shaped cookie cutter cut
a pan of moist brownies into egg shapes,
then add designs with decorator gels.

This Garden Carrot Cake
with cream cheese frosting is topped
with marzipan bunnies and rows of
vegetables from Mr.McGregor's garden!

Here's a recipe for a Good Friday tradition,
Hot Cross Buns
Use the dough only cycle on your
bread machine for this recipe.

These Honey-glazed Bunny Rolls from Epicurious
are the perfect dinner rolls for Easter,
especially if there's kids at your house!

From, here's a recipe for
Sweet Raisin Bread
adapted for the bread machine.

Also a recipe for Kulich, a Russian Easter Bread
stuffed with fruit and nuts and baked in a coffee can.

This Easter Egg Nest recipe from
Fleischmann's Yeast has easter eggs baked right in!

Recipe Book Online has a recipe for
Sweet Paszka Easter Bread,
a raisin bread that's an Easter tradition.

Sweet Little Meringue Lambs
are delicate low-calorie confections.
This unique recipe is from

Make Jiggly Fruit Easter Egg Snacks
No cake here, but maybe a little diversion
from chocolate with these Jello snacks
that kids love so much.

Mold marshmallows into sweet mini Fluffer Bunnies are marshmallows,
in this fun recipe.

These are tried and true recipes for two traditional Easter favorites -
Coconut Cream Eggs and Peanut Butter Eggs.

Abigail's Easter Candy Recipes has a varity of
Easter Egg recipes. Scroll down for a Marshmallow Egg recipe!

Add variety to your Easter basket with
Cherry-Nut Eggs and
Chocolate Fudge Eggs

For a homemade un-chocolate candy treat,try this recipe
for Pi˝a Colada Fudge from Spring Essentials banner

Get Easter Essentials - Cookware, Bakeware, Tableware and more - at!

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Page 3 ~ Easter Dinner

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