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"Being obedient to the Lord has shown me what greater things will come when you just surrender." - Lady Mercareth, May 10, 2001

In My Darkest Hour I Cry Out Jesus Be Glorified!!
- A page for those searching and for those who already hold the Truth of the Savior in their hearts. If you want to know, have a desire to see Him for who He is, I invite you to take a look around.

- There are only two links at the moment, I'll have you know it took me approximately *looks at clock* 8 hours/4 per day, in all to make the main page and linked pages so please, do my work an honor and at least check it out, if not for Him then for myself, thanks a bunch!

UpDaTeD!!! October 19, 2002 - 1:33am Eastern Standard Time
My Page About Me! - Lady Mercareth's Pictures
For all of those who have been asking relentlessly, HERE! Take care!

This Page is of Books that I Wish to Get Published Check it out, read the summaries, let me know what you think! --- I'm sorry, but this link is actually dead, it saddens me because my summaries and the artwork on the page were actually lost much to my horror. If you wish to know about my works just ask me my AIM SN is: LadyofYorkshire.

This is a Page of My Poems so I hope you like them! I've been writing poems for 6 1/2yrs. now, many don't make it to this page 'cuz it takes work and time to get them set-up, but I'm sure you will thoroughly enjoy all that is on this page as much as I enjoyed writing them.

A Page of Artistic Expressions- there is the main story, more to come later!

~For all those interested I have a hidden page of Vampire Fanfiction and Specs based upon Anne Rices characters and some of my own creation. If this is more your taste then just send me an IM or an e-mail, let me know of your interest and I'll give you the link in return for your comments on my writing when you're done ;)
Thank you much!

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to read my review of the SUNY Oswego concert that I attended April 1st!

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"Upon knowing God my hardened heart was broken and my tears poured forth washing away all of the anger and pent up emotion thus purifying my soul and sanctifying my spirit in a New Life and Love" - Lady Mercareth

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