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Brandon Lee Tribute



2nd Edition June 1 1999


Off the press

Hi everyone, and welcome to this edition of the Brandon Lee Tribute Internet Newsletter, I'd like to thank those of you who have helped make the previous newsletters so successful and who have submitted things to me for this issue. We had 3 birthdays last month and 3 birthdays this month where you will find the announcements at the end of the newsletter. I'd also like to know that Marie Warfle and myself have created a Brandon Lee/Crow Internet fan club if you would like to join, please go to, well I guess that's all for me at the moment, hope to hear again from you all soon


More Ideas to all





Have Your Say!


If you were given the chance to re-write the crow, what things would you change and what things would you keep the same?

If I could rewrite the crow I wouldn't touch it, because it is a monumental story within itself. Changing it would ruin the impact that it had on all our lives. The story is deep and meaningful just the way it is.

Marie Warfle>


I don't think I would change any part of the crow, as it is perfect the way it is.

Charlene Williams > 


I would changed the scene with the killing where he (Brandon got shot. if they have known that it will happen.... somebody should have stopped it...I believe that somebody had planned it... I would keep the part where Eric Draven killed the bad dudes.

Tom Yang -


If I were given the chance to re-write the crow, I would change the death scene of Eric Draven.... That's kind of dumb...when Tin-Tin threw the knife at Eric when he walked in from the hallway, I would say that it would be better if he walked in and when he saw Tin-Tin raping his fiancée, he would try to stop them and he would then get killed.... not like he gets killed right away....

I also think that the part when they rehearsed the scene when Brandon was actually shot...they should not have loaded the gun with real bullets, they should just faked the gun by getting toy guns...I would keep the part when Eric Draven wakes from the grave and 'til the end...

Tom Yang >


Looking back over The Crow, I don't think that I would change a thing, the story line is great, the characters give the story line flare, the depths of feeling that the story give is unbelievable. I think that I would keep it just the way it is.... But if I could change the movie I would wish Brandon back, take a walk back in the past and save him from the unfortunate death...<sob>.

Kelly Hoffman >


I think I would have made the extra cops a little more real...I mean if a guy fell on my car the last thing I would say is "What the Crap" I mean isn't "S***" or "What The F***" more real?


If I were given the chance to re-write the crow, I would definitely keep all the same actors...except the woman who played Darla because I didn't like her and I think Drew Barrymore would have played a better Darla. And I would have made Eliza into Shelley because it suited her:) but I would never change any of the bad guys because I think Michael Wincott is awesome and I love his role as top dollar:) and of course it wouldn't be the crow without Brandon as Eric Draven...however I would change Sarah's name back to Elly because that's what it was supposed to be, and I would bring back the skull cowboy...the movie didn't seem complete without him in it because if you aren't a real crow fan then you would assume that Eric was dying because of the bird being shot ,when it was really because his time on earth was running out! So I would have changed everything back to the way it was suppose to have been...and I would have given James O'Barr a bigger part than just some guy stealing a TV. I would have kept all the lines the same because they're easy to remember! and of course I would have erased all the mistakes in the final product.

Wednesday Elektra>


I would change nothing except, the prop bullets would have been checked better and I would have eliminated the bloopers (i.e.: when Officer Albrecht and Sarah were eating, when T-Birds gang blew up the arcade, Sarah's hood is on then off then on then off....)

Pete Bond >


My answer is tersely:
Nothing. The Crow is unique and no one has the "right" to change such a wonderful story, with the exception of the following: If I have the chance to re-write the Crow, I'll rewrite the unfortunate course during the filming of "The Crow

Ralf >

I think if I was given the chance to re-write the crow, I would create a more realistic Sarah character, I mean here is a girl approximately 12-13 years old, the only parent she has is a drug addict, and the two people who she depended on the most (Eric and Shelly) are dead. I think there would have to be a breaking point in Sarah, like she couldn't handle it anymore and therefore attempts to kill herself. I would have it so by the time that Eric turns Darla's lifestyle around, Sarah gives up hope and tries to kill herself and so Eric would then have to save Sarah as well.

Karen Downton >




Poets Quill


"Poster boy"

At night he watches over me.
In my dreams he protects me,
from the darkness I fell coming over me.

At night he watches over me.
Seeing things that cannot be seen.
Living dreams I wish to be.

At night he watches over me.
Always there protecting me,
from the forces I cannot believe.

At night he watches over me.
With eyes that cannot see,
even though he's there for me.

At night he watches over me.
Poster boy will always see.
He will always be protecting me.


Wednesday Elektra >



The thought of you

Brandon you left us and now you're above
Or do you fly in the sky like a little white dove
When I see your face it brings me to tears
Because I know ill never see your face for real
The thought of you dying in pain
Makes me go insane
I think of you 24/7
Did you go to hell?
No, you're an angel in heaven
R.I.P my sweet Brandon

Charlene Williams >





Favourite movie quotes




"I'm coming home Shelly"

Bridgett Meszaros >

"Can't rain all the time

Charlene Williams>

"Victims...aren't we all"

Charlene Williams>

"Little things used to mean so much to Shelly I used to think they were trivial, believe me... nothing is trivial"

Charlene Williams>

"Little things used to mean so much to Shelly. I used to think they were kind of trivial. Believe me, nothing is trivial."

Heather Ward>

"I gave this to Shelly once. I think she would want
you to have it."

Heather Ward>


Eric: Mr. Gideon, you're not paying attention.

Chelsea Pectol >

Eric: And I say I'm dead, and I move.

Chelsea Pectol >

Eric: Warmer! Don't you know this game?

Chelsea Pectoral>

Albrecht: Are you some kind of a ghost?

Chelsea Pectoral>

"Tell, them Eric Driven sends his regards."

Christina Bramble>

"Each one of these is a life a life you helped destroy."

Christina Bramble>

" He was already dead, he died a year ago, the moment he touched her, they're all dead, they just don't know it yet "

Karen Downton>





"I didn't do anything" "Son of a bitch"

Bridgett Meszaros >

"He's not in the books"

Bridgett Meszaros >

"Pop tarts, more pop tarts, this is good"

Christina Bramble>

Girl: Wow! Is that me?

Chelsea Pectol>

Jake: No, you're the dragon.

Chelsea Pectol>

Jake: Pop tarts. More pop tarts, this is good.

Chelsea Pectol>



Showdown in little Tokyo


"You know that thing I said about the fish? I could change my mind"

Bridgett Meszaros >

"That was nuts, what the #!@! did he do?"

Christina Bramble>


" I was four... there's nothing wrong with my form."

Christina Bramble>

Johnny: You know all that upper body strength, that really slows you down.

Chelsea Pectol>

Kenner: I'm not slow.

Chelsea Pectol>

Johnny: You didn't hit me.

Chelsea Pectol>

Kenner: well if I did, you wouldn't be here.

Chelsea Pectol>

Johnny: not arguing...but you didn't

Chelsea Pectol>

Kenner: How long did you study?

Chelsea Pectol>

Johnny: Since I was four.

Chelsea Pectol>

Kenner: You should've started earlier, that would've helped your form.

Chelsea Pectol>

Johnny: I was four! There's nothing wrong with my form.

Chelsea Pectol>


Dedications to Brandon


Staring in to the blankly nite sky

I sit here and think why?

Wonder what would have happened

If you had not gone

If you were still here with us

Would you be a hero?

Would you be a teacher?

Would you be an actor still?

A father or a preacher?

An yet as I look up there, into those stars

I think of the time you were with us

Sharing in your joy, gloryness and tears

Sharing in your hopes, your dreams your fears

And yet I come to think looking up at those stars

If this was meant to be

I don't know but I do know that you are now free.

Free to roam the earthly skies

Free to watch over those who have died

Free to be an angel above

Free to fly and watch over those you have loved and lost

For now you are an angel above

The moon and the sky thanks you for being there

The sun shines over your earthly hair

Your beautiful eyes, your wonderless smile


Makes heaven feel all the while

You are now in peace

In the heavens abroad

You can now rest in heaven, so gracefully

So silently as if you were never there

Your wings are so soft

You have earned them so

Your time here was limited as everyone knows

But now that you can fly, and can, and will

You can join all the heavenly bodies who watch over us still

Mythical magical wonderless you

Flying around watching us

Hoping one day you will see us all again

And you will someday

Like the flowers to the earth

Like the sun to the sky

One day we will see each other again

As time flies by

As the trees grow stronger and the wind blows longer

We hear your voice and think about you

Blowing beneath the midnight sky

The darkest clouds the dreariest days

And we think We'll see you someday

Peace be finally with you. Rest well. Sweet Brandon Bruce Lee May god be with you now Sweet Angel.

Bridgett Meszaros >



This song is called "Haunted When the Minutes Drag", and it's by Love &Rockets, if you ever get the chance to hear it you'll know why I love it so much, it really reminds me of Brandon, not that I ever got to meet him, but his spirit, and it always cheers me up... anyway here are the lyrics to this song anyway

The word that would best describe this feeling
would be Haunted
I touch the clothes you left behind that still retain your shape
and lie still Haunted
I trace the outline of your eyes blue in the mirror
hypnotised and Haunted
I find a solitary hair golden still
I reminiscence and Haunted
Haunted by your soul
haunted by your hair
Haunted by your clothes
Haunted by your eyes
By your soul-by your hair-by your clothes-by your eyes-by your voice-by your
by your mouth-by your soul...Haunted
So, this is for when you feel happy
And, this is for when you feel sad
And, this is for when you feel nothing
When the Minutes Drag
And this is for the tears that won't dry
And this is for a bright, blue sky
And this is for when you feel lucky
When the Minutes Drag
And, this is for when you're feeling happy again
And, this is for when you're feeling sad
And this is for when you fe-eel something
When the Minutes Drag
Haunted,haunted When the Minutes Drag

Rose Montgomery>


Happy Birthday


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