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zelda 64

this is the best game ever but there is far to much to post if your stuck feel free to email me ive beaten it twice in under a adress is


the best cheat i have found is the extra bottle cheat .To do this take an empty bottle go some where with fish try to catch one .In mid swipe pause it and switch to another weapon that weapon will be replaced by a bottle(WARNING:only switch to the recipt from the giants knife after receiving it .after replacing a weapon you will not be able to get it back use only the receipt.).

Use All Weapons On Epona

To use all of your items while riding Epona:

1st: Beat Ganondorf

2nd:Go to fight Ganon

3rd:When he knocks your sword out of your hand SAVE!!!

4th: Reset the game

5th:Start Again (This will start u with your sword un equipped DONT equip it)

6th: go see epona

7th: Now u will be able to use any item that u set to any of the 3 C icons)

While u can use all the items on Epona's Back Try to play Sarias Song And See What Happens hehe!!!

Leave Fishing Pond With Pole

1st have on the Hover Boots when u go fishing 2nd the float over the water and quickly roll backwards while casting if u do this correctly then link will be able to walk around w/ the line casted (camera angles are screwed up) but u will be able to walk out the door with the fishing pole

Note: DO NOT Cast while outside the fishing pond or else the game will freeze up on you and u will have to reset it!! Have Fun

Rumor Acid told me

Ok I got another triforce rumor but for some reason this one seems to be true. I got this info from My uncles Business Partner who is Chairman of NOA who has given me a few tricks that really worked like having 21 bottles in my inventory,and being able to use all your items while riding epona. I had to go through alot of stuff to get this information so u people better appreciate it. Well here goes: First of all u have to already have beaten the game and viewed the ending,doesnt matter if u have all the heart pieces either but u do have to have all 100 skulltulas. Now this is the tricky part u have to detonate all the gossip stones everywhere in the game {Blah} i know it sucks but this isnt supposed to be easy,You have to keep track of the ones u detonated because they will reappear (with a exception of the 4 gossip stones in front of the Temple Of Time because u cant blow them up.) After this long task has been completed go to links house. Now play the song of time anywhere in Links House ( u wont hear any sound but trust me its working.) Now go to Lon Lon Ranch and stand in front of Malon and once again play the song of time, Now you head to the kakariko windmill and inside of it play the song of time once more. Now this is the part that really surprised me. Go back to Links House and there will be someone waiting for you sitting at your table wanna know who it is? Of course you do that person would Be Dark Link. He wont talk to you until you play Sarias Song. Then after a short conversation with Dark Link He will teach you a very important song the "song of sages" (You must remember it because it will not show up on your subscreen) that song will warp you to the sacred realm (This song will not work unless u play it on the platform in front of the 3 spiritual stones in the Temple Of Time) At your arrival at the Sacred Realm you will see that all the sages are trapped in a cage by ganon. They tell you that the only way to free them, save Hyrule and Obtain the entire Triforce is to Defeat Ganon Again (As you remember when u 1st completed the game Ganon was sealed in the sacred realm by the sages) They combine their power to form another bridge Leading to a door, inside the door rests the Triforce. If u walk towards the Triforce a green sphere appears around it, Ganon will fall from the ceiling and the fight will then begin. He will suck all of your weapons out of you and only leave you with the Kokiri Sword It takes approximately 30 hits to defeat ganon. As soon as he is dead the sphere around the Triforce Disappears. Hyrule Returns to normal,The sages are rescued, And Zelda Becomes ruler of hyrule, Most important u get the triforce.(and it does show up on the quest status screen). I know you probably dont believe this but either did I, but my uncles friend did tell me two other secrets that worked (21 bottles, and use all weapons while riding Epona) So i guess i have to believe him until im proved wrong. All i can say about this is WHOA!!! if your a true gamer who has finished zelda w/ nothing to do then u might as well give it a try what have you got to lose? im currently trying to locate all the gossip stones in Hyrule and im making a walkthrough about it so if anyone knows the location of every gossip stone in hyrule Please Send Me A Walkthrough!!! so i can see if this really works or not If it does then Props to Steve but if not we will all have to hunt him down and kill him for sending us on this wild goosechase Anyhow Email me back w/ the results even if it doesnt work which i have the feeling that it will, or any other tricks that u may know

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