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Perfect Dark It is out and it makes my pants creamy


You are Jona Dark on a mission to stop the corrupt Data Dyne corporation.on your crusade you will encounter aliens lots of weapons and many gadgets.You'll even get to ride cool vehicles like a hover bike.

game play

basically its Golden Eye with a few adjustments

1)you can now carry things

2)you can control bots (see below)


Bots are highly intelligent computer controlled players.SO intelligent they migh even be better than real people .

multi player

The multi player in goldeneye is what made keep selling and being replayed.Face it its te best death match game out there what more do you wnt you have lots of weapons and a good number of levels not to mention several play options to keep things lively.But the multi player in Perfect Dark is even better.Now even more weapons and more levels and a few old ones ,and game play options now you can vs bots upi to seven of them(rare hopes to booost that # to ten) for team play synthetics vs organics.This will be the best death match game for along time .

I shall post more as i get it

Any questions you can email me