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Project Dolphin

if you don't already know project dolphin is nintendos code name for their next system .


so far what is known is it will use a 4oo mhz prossesor ibms copper technology known as geko.a 200mhz graphics card made by the same group that made the last one though their name has changed.It will be a dvd based system their drives will be supplied by panasonic and it will cost under three hundred dollars.This is what i know so far i will update as more surfaces.

Other Info

Another interesting litt;e bit about this system is part of the deal with panasonic . A while after the project dolphin is released panasonic will release dvd players with the new system buikt into them . i think they should just give the system the abilitry to play dvd movies but they say no.But if they give it an oporating system like sega gave dreamcast then it would be posible to get software to make them play dvd's and the other two competitprs games making it the only system you could need.