Golden Eye
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basically if you own a 64 you need this game it is the best first person game to date it is already a classic .If you don't have this get it .

There are not many cheats for this game but i shall post all that i have found.

paint brush

this one is pretty simple. in multi player choose sniper rifles as your weapon run around and get a sniper rifle and only a sniper hit a twice to switch back to your hand past the rifle. your hand will be gone and in its place a pint brush will be there its a little weaker than your and there is not much piont in having it but it is unbaleive ably funny to actually kill some one with but im warning you you have to be unbaleive ably good or the other person must be increadibly bad.

31 Extra characters

In multi player go to the last character in the character select hold L+R and press LEFT-C.let go an hold the L button and UP-C let go and hold L+R press LEFT (on controller pad).Hold L and press RIGHT (on controller pad).Hold R and press down (on controller pad). hold L+R and press LEFT-C . hold L and press UP-C. hold L+R and hit RIGHT (on controller pad). hold L+R and press DOWN-C. hold L hit DOWN (on controller pad).you will now have 31 new characters .