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Thanks for comin

I got my new rig - check it out!

The amp on the left is my old roland 25 watt halfstack, i used a DOD grunge, snarling dog wah, and danelectro hashbrowns with my RG270DX for that rig

Now i use the middle rig, alesisRA300 300 watt power amp, behringer BG412s ultrastack (400 watts), and a digitech RP2000 - all togther it sounds like anything i want, i have megadeth sounds right to the last eq setting, i love it, so heavy, and loud, and i never get any unwanted distrotion, or clipping, even when i crank the power amp to max, which i dont have too do neway, cuz 300 watts is fuckin loud! All togther i paid 1100 canadain for the amp/pedal/stack.

Little background on myself - 19 Years old, been playing 4years i think...maybe less not sure! I am heavily influenced by megadeth and other such bands, in flames, bodom, stuff like that, This is my first attempt at a recording and i just used my RP2000 direct into the onboard line in on my Elite Group motherboard, LeafDrums with addon drum sounds, RG270DX guitar, and CoolEdit 2.0 - This is a song i wrote a long time ago, and it originally had NO solo's then i somehow got those 2 in there, hope you enjoy! I really gotta update this site, i got new gear, like a pod XT, and a new ibanez RG470

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Searching The Twilight



Me dinking around with my pod XT - i dunno..

I was gonna record a good lead but o well

Bored again, pod XT as well

drum samples

The song i thought of while watching TCoS Video's