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Crazy Daisy Clowns


Children's Parties

Spectacular Balloon Sculpting

Crazy Daisy performs for daycare centers and preschools all over the New York metropolitan area. There is a different show available for each season or major holiday

From June 1 to August 31 there is a summer magic show featuring a live rabbit, puppets, and a magic talking board come to life.

In the fall, there is a comedy magic show starring pumpkins, silly monsters, and non-scary ghosts.

The most popular show of the year, however, is the Jingle Bell Magic show a captivating magic show with a jolly, secular Christmas theme. This show has live animal magic, an elf and a reindeer puppet along with Christmas music.

There is also an Easter/spring theme magic show, a winter theme magic show, and storytelling programs throughout the year.

Call -  (718) 278-4871
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