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*~Many musicians that have graced our radio waves and television sets, never seem to receive the recognition they deserve. A mysterious beauty that once helped drive the force of a band that saw its end to soon. A songwriter, with heart and soul seeping out through his own music. He has worked hard and played with passion, and still has devoted fans all over the world. To a man that has given me, and others so much through his music, this page honors Izzy Stradlin. We'll support you until the end.~*

Born on April 8, 1962, Jeff Isabelle grew up in the small town of Layfayette, Indiana. Young Jeff rebelled against the small town but had the intellengence enough to stay and earn his high school diploma from Lafayette high school. After graduation he traveled to LA with his drum kit to see what could happen. He arrived in LA in 1979 with a lifestyle awaiting him that most of us could only imagine. His lifestyle was far from glamorous. From stealing meals, and using women for money and food to survive to sleeping the days away in subways. As Izzy quoted, "I sold drugs, sold girls, just did what I had to do." Which later became apart of GN'R's legend. Soon after, long time friend, (William Bailey) Axl Rose showed up on Stradlin's door during Easter of 1980. Within a two year period, Izzy had mastered the art of playing guitar. Axl and him began to write songs together with the help of Chris Weber. This would be the first chapter in Guns N' Roses history, soon Hollywood Rose was born! Their fame rised and died even quicker. Soon the only thing left of Hollywood Rose was Izzy, Axl, and Duff Mckagan. Soon afterward Duff called upon his old bandmates, Slash and Steven Adler, and Guns N'Roses was created. Izzy along with the other boys of GN'R certainly obtained a reputation for themselves. The album Appetite For Destrustion topped the US Charts in 1988, the second metal album to do that since Quiet Riot's Mental Health. You might say this album was a type of diary for this band. With lyrics that explain their corrupt lives on the LA scene. Izzy stayed on with Guns N' Roses to produce the Lies album, which also contained pre-recorded tracks such as the remake of Mama Kin. During this album much controversy happened over the song One in a Million with it's referance to african americans and homosexuals. Izzy slowly started to fade in and out of Guns, trying to decide if he should leave for good. Izzy stayed on to finish the Use Your Illusion albums. After constant arguments between him and Axl, Izzy finally quick Guns N' Roses. Leaving many people wondering the fate of the band and which rumors were really true or not. Izzy was replaced by another home town friend Gibly Clarke. He to had a disagreemet with Rose, where this arguement ended with a fight leaving Clarke's hand broken and unable to finish the Illusion tour. With the tour still going and very little time, Izzy was asked to come back and bail them out. Izzy played until Gilby's hand was totally healed. Since Stradlin's departure we've seen this band diteriate into practically nothing. As each band member eventually went their own way, so did Izzy. He formed a new band called the The Ju Ju Hounds. The Izzy Stradlin and The Ju Ju Hounds self-titled album came out in 1992. Ju Ju Hounds went on a short tour for the album. Izzy also went to play with Slash's Snakepit in Chicago not long after. Since then he has also released two more albums. He released 117o in 1998. His third solo album Ride On was released in 1999, but unavailable in the US. Izzy's music is quite different from what Guns was, but it shows him. Shows his heart and soul, and is respected for that. Over the years he's played with many great musicians, such as the Rolling Stones, B.B. King, and Bo Diddly. He's been inspirational, a driving force in what could've been one of the greatest bands in history, and still until this day promises to give his fans something back. Stradlin currently lives back in Lafayette, living in a house of his own. Some say you may see him playing down at the local bar now and then, away from all the pressure and stress that "glamourous" life can give. Living peacefully, and happy, he still plays for those of us who are willing to listen.


Izzy Stradlin And The Ju Ju Hounds

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