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Click, and Figment will take you Home

Welcome to Toyland!

Hello there!

Toyland is a place where memories live and it's only right around the corner. There are different places to explore, each with special inhabitants. But if you ever need help getting home, just find me, Figment, and I will bring you here. I'm the one here on the right and Keeper of the Kingdom.

Hi! I'm Figment


Hop a Cloud to Care-A-Lot In Care-A-Lot and the Forest of Feelings you can visit a world in the clouds. These are the homes of the Care Bears and their relatives the Care Bear Cousins.

The Rainbow Mines are located in Rainbow Land, home of Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids. Go watch the Sprites hard at work mining Star Sprinkles. Ride the Rainbow

Lounge at Paradise Estate The palatial Paradise Estate is called home by many a My Little Pony. Then again, who wouldn't want to live in paradise?

Remember Atari, Colecovision, or Intellevision? Enter the gameroom and try to beat the top score or rediscover old favorites. Enter the Electric Gameroom

Visit Berryland There's always something cooking in Berryland! Visit Strawberry Shortcake and Friends for their annual Bake-Off.

Have fun in the Coloring Box - there's downloads, activities, and other stuff to do. Open the Coloring Box

Look in Figment's Toybox Toyland may be the home of many toys, but it's also the home of Figment's Toy Collection. Take a peek inside her toybox!

Toyland is a big place and there are many areas yet to be explored. If there's anything you would like to ask about send Figment an email at

Some of the images on this site are not mine alone. Each area has its respective copyrights. These copyrights include Hasbro, American Greetings, Those Characters From Cleveland, Coleco, Atari, as well as others. If there is anything I have forgotten please notify me. Figment is based off of Disney's Figment, no copyright infringement intended.