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Here you will find news about Tony Carey.
You can also get news about TC directly from the source at
Tranquility Base
the official website for Tony Carey and the Planet P Project.

January 11, 2001
Announcement =
Tony Carey will be at the South by Southwest
Music Conference and Trade Show in
Austin, Texas March 14-18.
Micheal Bagnall of Happy Street Productions will have a booth,
and TC has submitted an application to perform
live as one of the conference's featured acts.
See Tranquility Base for the complete story.
Details forthcoming.
**note from Bunnymom**

December 29, 2000
New Press Release
Micheal Bagnall of Happy Street Records, has provided
a press release for 'Retrospective'. It is available
for download at Tranquility Base on this page.
Feel free to fax, email or print and mail this to your local radio stations
and record stores / music vendors.
Lets all do our part to get the word out.
There is power in numbers, friends.

December 2000:
'Retrospective: 1982-1999' has been released! An exciting
compilation of Tony Carey's music now available.
Track listing can be found on our Music page.
Order Retrospective  at: