I Love Me, Why Don't You?

This is the Gallery O' Tongues. Famous tongues, common tongues, long tongues, short tongues, tongues covered in fungus, pierced tongues, forked tongues, and even a few diseased tongues (my personal favorites). I didn't feel like typing in the parameters for every single picture in order to make a whole lotta bunch of thumbnails, so I'm going to just tell you what the picture is and you can choose to click on it or not. I high recommend clicking on the lil' links, because if you don't it sort of defeats the purpose of them being there. Feel free to send me pictures of your tongue, I'll take anything I get, interesting or not (but if your tongue is kind of boring, try to send me a picture of it covered in yellow plaque or something, just to create diversity). Okay, I've broken the pictures into catagories, when you send me your tongue pictures please specify what catagory they go under. I may become temporarily blinded and be unable to determine if the tongue is of celebrity origin, diseased, or has a large metal bar protruding it's lovely surface. On with the tongues....

Oh, a final note. It took me a very *VERY* long time to find and post all of these pictures. Sometimes I would have to search for hours just to find one or two tongue pictures. If you steal these from me and post them as your own, I will find you, kill you, and eat your dog. Thank you for being considerate.

Hello my fellow campers, it is I, Phaloola, your eternal love goddess and web fantasy. I have created the much anticipated new catagory of tongues. I suppose you thought I died, I didn't. I am alive and doing quite well, I've joined the high school wrestling team and my days have been busy with ritualistic torture known as "training" and I haven't been spending as many lonely hours reaching out to the unknown as I would like. So enjoy, yet more ripped off pictures from other people's websights that have been compiled for your convenience and enjoyment. Go nuts.

Preview tongues here, or click below for larger images

Sandra Bullock - Actress, licking some old guy, starred in Hope Floats and Speed
Chloe Sevigny - Starred in "If These Walls Could Talk 2" as a very convincing lesbian and in "Boys Don't Cry" as Teena Brandon's lover. And may I add, yummmmm!
Courtney Love - A member of the band Hole, Once married to Kurt Cobain
Lisa Lisa - Singer from Cult Jam...don't deny it, you know who she is.
Jen - Lead singer and keyboardist from Honey Tongue
The Lips - Perhaps the most famous pair of lips (and tongue) ever, Patricia Quinn owns them and they open the movie "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"
Morgan Lander - Member of the band Kittie.
Kennedy - MTV VJ
The MSN.COM chick - A picture taken for the msn.com websight.
Little Nell - Actress, in this picture she's playing Columbia from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"
Bjork - A swedish singer, wore a dress shaped like a paper decoration, very Woody Allen-esque
Martina Hingis - Swedish tennis star
Tracey Ulmann - A comedian, an actress, the therapist from Ally McBeal, looks a lot like my therapist
k.d. lang - An easy listening musician, Really cool lesbian, very sexy
Ultra Violet - An Andy Warhol groupie, Salvador Dali groupie
Martin Olsen - I put this one with the women for a reason, take a look
Baby Spice - A Spice Girl, I worship her like my own form of religion
Ginger Spice - A Spice Girl, Has a solo career but stole the name of her debut cd from an 80s band, A Goodwill Ambassador, I want her bad for her hot sexy body
Scary Spice - A Spice Girl, I want to lick her up and down like a postage stamp
Swoosie Kurtz - Actress, played in "Little Girls in Pretty Boxes" and the show Sisters
Rose McGowan - Actress, married to Marilyn Manson, played in "Jawbreaker"
Jodie Foster - Actress, played in "Silence of the Lambs" and "Contact"
Gwen Stefani - Lead singer of the band "No Doubt"
Gwen Stefani - One more time.
Faizura Balk - Actress in "The Waterboy" and "The Craft"
Gillian Anderson - Actress, stars in "The X-Files" tv show
Janet Jackson - Vocalist, Micheal Jackson's sister
Jenny McCarthy - Actress, hosted "Singled Out" on MTV and "The Jenny McCarthy Show"
Jenny McCarthy - One more time. She loves to stick out her tongue.

Kieth Richards - A member of the band the Rolling Stones, Seemingly immortal
Gene Simmons - A member of the band Kiss (or Krap, whatever), Really really big
Chief Wiggum - The cartoon cop from the Simpsons.
Adam - I think it's painfully obvious that it's a guy named Adam, I think he's in a small time band
Tiger Woods - The golf star.
Eric - From the infamous sight "Eric Conveys An Emotion", this one is conveying horny (a link on my bio page)
Joe Vampire - A singer from a band, obviously since he's holding a guitar.
A Guy - I don't know who this is, but he works for MTV at the Los Angeles studio
Tom Green - Comedian, Canadian, works for MTV
Tom Green - That's right, there's two of them.
Johnny Lydon aka Johnny Rotten - Quite possibly the sexiest man alive. He's the one in the background, it's not his tongue sticking out.
Jonny Lydon aka Johnny Rotten 2 - The lead singer of the infamous band the Sex Pistols.
Justin Timberlake - Member of teenybopper boy group *N'SYNC
Justin Timberlake - No, I'm not a die hard *N'SYNC fan, he just sticks his tongue out a whole friggen bunch.
Justin Timberlake - Last one, I promise.
Matthew Lillard - Actor, starred in Scream and Serial Mom
X-Pac - A pro wrestler
Head - A member of the band KoRn
Kyle - A member of the band "Hello Bert"
Bobby Hewitt - A member of the band Orgy.
John - Not a celebrity, just a guy who doesn't think anyone can take a good picture of him. Maybe he's right.
Richard O'Brian - Actor, wrote and starred in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", in this scene he's playing Riff Raff
Ewan McGregor - Actor, this's a picture with him and Jonathan-Rhys Meyers from the greatest movie ever made "Velvet Goldmine"
Ryan Gosling - Small time actor
Albert Einstein - Famous scientist, Developed theory of relativity (If you didn't know that, how did you figure out how to turn on the computer?)
Keanu Reeves - Actor, played in "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues" and "Matrix"
Marilyn Manson - Not really his tongue, but a good picture none-the-less

Hole - The picture is of the entire band, but only one has their tongue out.
Jonathan-Rhys Meyers and Toni Collette - Actors, kissing in a scene from the greatest movie ever made "Velvet Goldmine"
Hanson - A band, all brothers, only some of them have their tongues out in this picture.

Pierced Tongue # 1 -This tongue is pierced.
Pierced Tongue # 2 - So is this tongue.
The Black Tongue - It's Black.
The Calculator Tongue - It's a guy from my geometry honors class.
Forked Tongue - Forked with various piercings.
The Skewer Tongue - See for yourself.
Up Close And Personal - A close up.

To add a little "bulk" to the piercing section I have stolen from another sight (who I'm really not curteous enough to name) a list of celebrities who have done their tongues the service of sticking a metal bar through their surfaces.

Disease # 1, Tongue # 1
Disease # 1, Tongue # 2
Disease # 1, Tongue # 3
Disease # 2, Tongue # 4
Disease # 2, Tongue # 5
Disease # 2, Tongue # 6
Disease # 2, Tongue # 7
Disease # 2, Tongue # 8
Hairy Tongue
Herpes 2

Okay, you may have noticed the new format. Everything remains to be koser, I was just tired of the old one. Anyway, this is a new catagory. I noticed that a lot of people were eating food with visible tongues, and they weren't really celebrities, even though I do take liberties with celebs (hell, it's my sight), so I made a new catagory. Mmmm, tasty.

The Spark Dot Com Fat People - These people are being paid to gain 30 pounds in 30 days, I will document the pictures with tongues involved. In this one, they are licking eggs.
More Eggs - The woman this time, slightly more reluctant.
Dogfood - Eating dogfood is not only nutritious, but fun as well.
Dogfood 2 - God, how I envy these people.
Dogfood 3 - The last picture of people partaking in dogfood.
Babyfood - Who doesn't eat it?
Eating - People eating, doesn't get more simple.
Eating Snow - Okay, it's not a food. They're still eating it.
Eating Snow 2 - More fun with snow.

That's right boys and girls, another new catagory. Try to contain your excitement.

Boy 1 - A boy.
Boy 2 - Another boy.
Boy 3 - Another boy.
Businessman Tongue - A businessman.
Businessman Tongue 2 - Another businessman.
Businessman Tongue 3 - Yet another businessman with his tongue out.
Businessman Tongue 4 - The last businessman tongue
Businesswoman Tongue - I promised no more men, not no more business people.
Businesswoman Tongue 2 - Last one, I promise.
Chearleaders - Lots of small tongues in screaming mouths.
Miss Liberty - The Miss Liberty
Pink Shirt - A woman in a pink shirt.
Tongue Kissers - A scene from a lesbian wedding.
Girl - A girl.

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