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Alcohol Equivalents


Alcohol Equivalents

12 ounces of beer

5 ounces of wine

1 of vodka


Examples of Drink Equivalence

12 ounces of 4% beer

0.48 ounces of absolute alcohol

5 ounces of 10% wine

0.50 ounces of absolute alcohol

1.25 ounces of 40% vodka (80 proof)

0.50 ounces of absolute alcohol

1.25 ounces of 43% whiskey (86 proof)

0.52 ounces of alsolute alcohol

all of the above servings have approximately 0.50 ounces of absolute alcohol


Examples of Drink Non-Equivalence

Dose of Alcoholic Beverage

Amount of absolute alcohol

Number of drink equivalents

40 ounce bottle of 8% malt liquor

3.2 oz.

6.4 drink equivalents

12 ounce bottle of 2.5% low alcohol beer

0.3 oz.

0.6 drink equivalents

1.25 ounce shot of 151 proof rum

0.94 oz.

1.9 drink equivalents

12.5 ounce bottle of 20% fortified wine cooler

2.5 oz.

5.0 drink equivalents


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