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All tracks featured here are in Real Audio format. Some cd quality versions of the tracks can be found at the following url,

Each track featuring "big name" artists are mixed courtesy of, you're lookin at him, La Haine.

To have your track(s) featured here, hit up my beats, rap your lyrics over 'em, then send me the track in either mp3 (preferred) or Real Audio; and since my hotmail account only allows minimal size files, I'd prefer if you gave me a URL to where I can download the song.

  • 15) Random Diss (artist track) - Reign (beat: Prodigal Son)
    My man Reign, with this genius chorus, rips up my Prodigal Son beat. I love this track. It's short, but right to the point. "Cuz you got killed..." Length- 1:25
  • 14) Murderous Mind (artist track) - K Oz aka Kaotik (beat: Devil's Playground)
    Peep this right now. This shit is HOT. Really, that's all you can say. Heat. One of the hottest tracks on my beats so far. Length- 2:42
  • 13) Hip Hop Music (artist track) - Uncle Stot (beat: Middle Man the Street Hustler)
    I love the old school feeling of this track. A lot of passion in this. Uncle Stot lays it down; commenting on hip hop's current state and what the underground holds for its future, and his own views. This track's peace. Length- 4:40
  • 12) Vagabonds (artist track) - Homiside (beat: Middle Man the Street Hustler)
    This kid has some skills. His lyrics are funny and have some meaning to them. ICP fans would like this emcee/group. Funny intro. Length- 3:52
  • 11) Just Don't Give a Fuck Remix (mix) - Eminem (beat: Crooked Ass Cop)
    A cool mix I laced together with the acapella of Eminem's old school track "Just Don't Give a Fuck". Length- 2:56
  • 10) Bad Influence (artist track) - Y2A (beat: Cruel Tool La Haine Remix)
    Pure perfection. This is exactly the type of shit my beats were made for. This kid has mad talent -- good flow, complex lyrics, atmosphere, and that murderous edge I love. I dig this track and my boys even bump it and most of those fucks are into mainstream happy bullshit. Peep this; Y2A LAYS IT DOWN. Length- 4:30
  • 9) Visions (artist track) - Homiside (beat: Rumors of a Dead Man)
    Good production, evil lyrics. I like this, and that says a lot considering I don't respect much horrorcore. Cool shit, though the chorus is a bit repetative. Length- 4:16
  • 8) Rollin (artist track) - Uncle Stot (beat: Raw)
    Stot kills my beat with this ill as fuck track. His delivery is nothing less than (extremely) dope, i love this shit. A song about an experience with ecstasy. Suits the beat, great production. Length- 2:41
  • 7) Minit Past Midnight (artist track) - Psykiatrizt & Sik (beat: Devil's Playground)
    Once again Psykiatrizt on my beat. Length- 2:26
  • 6) Rezirekted (artist track) - Psykiatrizt & Sik (beat: Tarpit of Stupidity)
    I'm not really into horrorcore, so here's to all you who are. Sik and Psykiatrizt doing what they do. Length- 4:42


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