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MLP: The Movie Script

Voice Talents:
  1. Magic Star - Ellen Gerstell
  2. Windwhistler - Sarah Partridge
  3. Fizzy - Katie Leigh
  4. Shady - Jill Wayne
  5. Buttons -
  6. Lickety-Split - Alice Playton
  7. Gusty - Nancy Cartwright
  8. Sweetstuff -
  9. North Star - Cathy Cavadini
  10. Sundance - Laura Dean
  11. Morning Glory - Russi Taylor
  12. Rosedust - Russi Taylor
  13. Megan - Tammy Anderson
  14. Molly - Keri Houlihan
  15. Danny - Scott Menville
  16. Mr. Moochick - Tony Randall
  17. Grundle King - Danny Devito
  18. Hydia - Cloris Leachman
  19. Reeka - Rhea Pearlman
  20. Draggle - Madeline Kahn
  21. Ahgg - Peter Cullen
  22. Spike -Charles Adler

    Created by: Sunbrow and Hasbro
    Released: 1986
    Initial Release: In Theatres
    Language: English
    Country of Origin: USA
    Style: "traditional" cell-style animation
    Rated: G
    Directed by: Michael Joens
    Produced by: Joe Bacal and Tom Griffen
    Musical Score by: Rob Walsh
    Songs by: Tommy Goodman and Barry Harman
    Writing Credits: George Arthur Bloom

    My Little Pony: The Movie Script

    -Opening Theme-

    My Little Pony, My Little Pony,
    All in a twinkling spring is here!
    My Little Pony, My Little Pony,
    When did all the leaves and grass appear?
    Where there were snowdrifts, now there are no drifts,
    Nor is the sky overcast!
    My Little Pony, My Little Pony,
    Winter is over at last!

    My Little Pony, My Little Pony,
    Frisking about as spring unfolds!
    My Little Pony, My Little Pony, Breathing in the scent of marigolds!
    Greeting the bluebirds, welcoming new birds,
    Romping through meadow and wood!

    My Little Pony, My Little Pony,
    Winter is over for good!

    At The Baby Bonnet School of Dance. Spike is playing the piano and Baby Lickety Split does a fancy dance step(Cut to a chipmunk holding a dart as it eyes some balloons tied to a tree. Magic Star stands beside him)

    Spike: Whereíd you learn that?

    Baby Lickety Split: I made it up

    Spike: Well, you better unmake it, quick!

    Baby Lickey Split: You didnít like it?

    Spike: Well its great Lickety-Split but if you do that during the show youíll mess up everyone else! Youíre not the star you know.

    Baby Lickey Split: I can do whatever I want! Besides, maybe someday I will be a star

    Spike: I hope so! Just donít do that step. Okay?

    Baby Lickety Split: Play it again Spike.

    (Spike resumes playing.)

    (Opening Theme Continued)

    Everyone's merry festive and merry,
    Everything's going full swing!
    My Little Pony, My Little Pony,
    Aren't you happy it's spring?
    Aren't you happy it's spring?

    (Cut to a chipmunk holding a dart as it gets ready to throw it at a ballons with Magic Star standing beside him)

    Magic Star: Címon Chippy, let Ďer rip!

    (The chipmunk throws the dart and the balloons pop.)

    (Cut to a volcano with a large house on the top of it.)

    (Cut to the inside of the house. Laughter comes from Reeka and Draggle two witches.)

    Reeka:I love it when the wolf tries to eat Little Red.

    Draggle: Me too, But she always gets away.

    Reeka: Ahh but maybe this time she wonít! Turn the page!(Directed at Draggle)

    Draggle: You turn it, I turned the last one!

    Reeka: But Iím eating.

    Draggle: Oh, youíre always eating!

    (Cut to scene of Hydia the mother of Reeka and Draggle who is looking in her witches brew portale.)

    Hydia: Reeka! Draggle! Get up here!

    (Reeka and Draggle run up to the room.)

    Hydia: Look at all the little ponies playing games having fun, It makes me sick!

    Reeka: Ew, that pie looks awful.

    Draggle: Move! I canít see.

    (Draggle pushes Reeka)

    Reeka: Donít push!

    (Reeka and Draggle fight and then accidentally run into Hydia)

    Hydia: Knock it off!

    (They continue to fight)

    Hydia: Knock it off!

    Draggle: Yes Mama.

    Hydia: (very angry) What did you call me?

    Draggle: Iím sorry, Hydia! I-I-I didnít mean to call you Mama.

    Reeka: Yes she did.

    Draggle: I did not.

    Reeka: Did too.

    Hydia: Shut up! Itís time you do-nothings did something.

    Draggle: Uhhhhh . . . I pulled the wings off a fly last week.

    Reeka: I fried a worm.

    Hydia: Blah! Thatís small time stuff. Iím talking about something big!

    R: I-I-I could fry two worms.

    H: Itís a pity your grandmother isnít around sheíd show you evil. Your grandfather wasnít so nice either. Those were the good old days. When everything around here was dark and dank and dreary.(Sarcasticly) Before the little ponies came along and made everything bright and colorful! Blech!!!! I canít stand it anymore.

    (Hydia nearly knocks Draggle into the volcano, but Draggle catchs the edge of the floor and pulls herself back up)

    Hydia: Itís time to do something about it. Time for the two of you to start living up to the family tradition. Time to start being evil and mean!

    Draggle: But we are mean.

    Reeka: A...a...and we are evil!

    Hydia: Not evil enough.

    (Hydia presses a button which opens a door which catches Reeka and Draggle, they get down and scramble to follow Hydia)

    Song- "Evil Witch"

    Hydia: Why canít you be evil like I taught you?
    Why wonít you misbehave the way you should?
    You never use the guillotine I bought you
    Youíre just not bad enough for your own good

    Try to be as mean as Aunt Eureka
    She fed her victims till they almost burst,
    Then cooked them with a smidgen of paprika!
    She always did her best to do her worst

    Weíre witches and witches are evil!
    How many times have you been told
    Your great-grandma Alexis
    Crushed a kingdom with her hexes,
    And thatís the proud tradition I want you to uphold

    Try to be as evil as your cousin;
    Lucretia was the cruelest in the crowd
    She cooked up evil potions by the dozens
    Be just like her and make your mama proud!

    Weíre witches, wizards, and warlocks
    Weíre the reason honest people purchase door locks
    We turn princes into frogs, peasants into pheasants,
    soldiers and sailors into swine
    Weíre never accused of being angels, but as for being devils, weíre divine!

    All our clan was evil and malicious,
    And that is how I want my girls to be
    Work hard at being malicious, and if youíre real ambitious,
    You might wind up an evil witch like me
    A terrible, detestable, horrible, despicable, evil mean old witch,
    Like me

    (Song Ends)

    Hydia: Start with the Little Ponies and their stupid festival

    Draggle: Whatíll we do with it?

    Hydia: Ruin it

    (Cut to the Baby Bonnet School of Dance. Many ponies and animals sit on logs as they wait for the spring festival performance to start)

    (Buttons walks onto the stage)

    Buttons: Hello everyone! Iím Buttons, and welcome to the Spring Festival! To open our show, and performing together for the very first time anywhere, the Baby Pony Dancers. Letís hear it for them!

    (The animals and ponies clap and cheer as the Baby Pony Dancers dance out onto the stage )

    (As Babies Ribbon, Lofty,Sundance, Gusty, and Shady dance the number Baby Lickety-Split comes out in the "Flashprance" outfit and begins doing crazy and wild moves. Baby Lickety Split knocks over the other dancers and the crowd laughs wildly)

    Buttons: Bring down the curtain!

    (The curtain comes down and the Baby Pony Dancers gather backstage with Buttons and Lickety Split)

    Buttons: (To Baby Lickety Split): Look what youíve done, Look what youíre wearing! You spoiled the whole number!

    Baby Lickety Split: Iím sorry.

    Baby Sundance: Show-off!

    Baby Lofy: Hotdog!

    Baby Lickety Split: I thought my steps were better. I didnít mean to spoil everything.

    Buttons: Well you did! Everyone was counting on you. Oh Lickety-Split how could you be so selfish?

    (Baby Lickety Split runs out crying and Spike runs after her)

    Spike: You canít do this! Running away isnít the answer.

    Song- I'll Go It Alone!

    (During this song, Baby Lickety-Split runs to the Lullabye Nursery and begins to pack her bag so she can run away)

    Baby Lickey Split: Why do they always have to tell me Iím wrong? Why must they make me feel I just donít belong? If they donít like the way I sing my own song, Iíll go it alone! Iíll go it alone!

    How come the word I hear most often is "no"? The way Iím treated I feel lower than low! Itís very clear that Iím not wanted here, so Iíll go it alone! Iíll go it alone!

    Spike: I know that youíre upset, But donít run off just yet, You canít take the world on single-handed, What if you should end up lost? Or stranded?

    Baby Lickey Split: Better that than being reprimanded.

    No matter what I do I canít seem to please, What do they want? Should I go down on my knees? If all they know to do is holler and tease, Iíll go it alone! Iíll go it alone!

    Why must they criticize whatever I do? My days of taking all their insults are through Goodbye, so-long, farewell, toodle-oo.

    Spike: I donít like thinking what might happen to you If you strike out on your own,

    Baby Lickety Split: Ha! Iíll brave the unknown.

    Spike: But Lickety you canít!

    Baby Lickey Split: And go it alone!

    Spike: Donít go it alone!

    Baby Lickey Split: Iíll go it alone!

    Spike: Donít go it alone!

    (End of the song)

    Spike: Iíll go with you

    Baby Lickety Split: No, I donít need you, I donít need anyone.

    (Baby Lickety Split walks out of the Lullabye Nursery)

    Spike: Wait for me!

    (Spike writes out a note and then runs after Baby Lickety Split)

    (Return to the festival with Reeka and Draggle hiding behind a tree)

    Reeka: Remember we have to make everything dark, dank . . . . . .

    Draggle: . . . . . and dreary, But how?

    Reeka: I donít know. Dark and dreary sound pretty hard.

    Draggle: Then weíll make everything dank.

    Reeka: Whatís dank?

    Draggle: I donít know!

    (Draggle pulls out her book of spells)

    Draggle: Maybe itís in here..... Uh, dabble, dagger, damage, dandruff . . . . oh here it is! Oh . . . . it means wet!

    Reeka: Thatís it, Weíll make everything wet. What we need is some water. (Points at the Waterfall) O-o-over there.

    (Reeka and Draggle walk to the Waterfall)

    Reeka: Perfect! Weíll take the water from here and . . . . send it back over there. Weíll flood the place!

    Draggle: Hydia will be very proud of us.

    (Draggle starts splashing water in the direction of the Ponies festival)

    Reeka: Not like that. Youíre a witch, cast a spell.

    Draggle: But I never cast a spell before. Wait, hereís one!

    (Two Baby Sea ponies Water Lily and Sun Shower, Jump out of the water and see what the witches are up to)

    Draggle (reading a spell): Gurznic, ridget, lemonismick!

    Reeka: Let me see that.

    (Reeka grabs the book, and turns it right side up. Then she gives it back to Draggle)

    Reeka: Now read it.

    Draggle: Sorry! Hinsenomal, tikderve, kinsreg, erzaminig, flama botswaggle.

    Reeka: Thatís better.

    (They wait for a couple of seconds)

    Reeka: Well???

    Draggle: Well, I read what it said!

    (Suddenly, some of the water from the Waterfall gets diverted)

    Draggle: It worked.

    (Suddenly, Water Lily and Sun Shower appear with a giant sea shell and they spray the water at the witches, who are blown away with the water) (The witches are carried through the festival by the water and they knock an entire table of pies onto themselves)

    Reeka (spitting out pie): Yuck, Disgusting!

    (A crowd of animals and ponies gather around the Reeka and Draggle)

    Skunk: Ew, What smells?

    Reeka: We do.

    Sweet Stuff: Itís the witches from the Volcano of Gloom.

    Baby Sundance: Theyíre cute!

    Reeka: Cute? She called us cute.

    Draggle: Oh, how embarrassing!

    Reeka: Iím going home.

    (Reeka hits herself on the head with her hat. The ponies and animals laugh)

    Draggle: We canít go home. We havenít made everything dark, dank, and dreary. Whatíll we tell Hydia?

    Reeka: Weíll tell her we made it messy.

    (Cut to Baby Lickety Split running to a large cliff by the Waterfall)

    Baby Lickety Split: Hurry Spike! Look this is a good place.

    Spike: A good place for what? Oh my feet are killing me.

    Baby Lickety Split: To fly, like Wind Whistler and Northstar.

    Spike: But theyíre pegasus ponies. Youíre just an earthling you canít fly!

    Babay Lickety Split: Can too, I can do anything! Watch!

    Spike (grabbing her tail): No, Youíll get hurt!

    (Baby Lickety Split jumps off the cliff)

    Baby Lickety Split: Weíre flyyyyyyyyyyyying!

    Spike: Weíre faaaaaaaaaaaalling!

    (They fall into the canyon)

    Baby Lickey Split: Huh . . . . . guess I canít fly . . . . .

    Spike: Can we go home now?

    Baby Lickety Split: I told you, Iím never going back to Dream Castle.

    (Cut to exterior Lullabye Nursery. Baby Lofy and Baby Sundance run out of the Nursery. Baby Lofty carries Spikeís note in her mouth)

    Baby Sundance: Baby Lickety Splitís away!

    (Baby Lofty sticks the note onto a branch, and ponies and animals gather around it)

    Magic Star: And Spikeís with her!

    Buttons: Oh dear, maybe I was too harsh on her at the show.

    Magic Star: Donít blame yourself, Buttons! Iíll find her, donít worry.

    Gusty: Iíll go with you . . . just in case.

    Shady: Oh, can I go with you? I never get to go anywhere!

    Gusty: Oh no! Sheís nothing but bad luck!

    Shady: Just give me a chance! My luckís bound to change . . . I think.

    Magic Star: Everyone deserves a chance, Shady! Youíre in.

    Gusty: Lickety-Split loves the bushwoolies; maybe she went there.

    Magic Star: Good idea, Letís ride

    Fizzy: Be careful! Stay alert! Say hi to the bushwoolies for me.

    (Cut to the inside of the Volcano of Gloom)

    Hydia: One evil deed, thatís all I asked! Oh youíre such a disappointment! Iíve given you everything a witch could want! Shabby clothes, a rotten place to live, all the foul tasting food you can eat! And what do I get back? Nothing! Malevia over at Nightmare Heights, her daughter made Easter Sunday come up on a Tuesday! Whatíve you done? Zip! A big fat zero!

    Draggle: Uh-uh-uh . . . we . . . weíre really sorry, Hydia. Maybe if we tried again.

    Hydia: Youíve humiliated me enough! Weíll have to do something else . . . something bigger! Something more . . . evil!

    Reeka: What?

    Hydia: Let me think . . . Iíve got it! Itís time to get tough! Itís time to show those Little Ponies we mean business! Itís time for the Smooze!

    Reeka and Draggle: The Smooze? Hydia: Thatís right! The same thing that wiped out that kingdom on the other side of the Black Mountains!

    Reeka: Grundleland?

    Hydia: Grundleland, what a joke! Those little Grundies never knew what hit them! Get out of there! Now in order to make the Smooze, weíll need a few things . . . (shoves a long list to Reeka and Draggleís) Go get them!

    Reeka (reading of the list): Um, mold, mildew . . . muck, mire . . .

    Draggle: . . . fungus, slime, rust, and . . .

    Draggle & Reeka: . . . . phlume!!!

    Hydia: Yes, phlume!

    Draggle: Not phlume, Hydia, donít make us get phlume! Please donít!

    Reeka: Weíll get all the other things on the list, but not phlume!

    Hydia: Youíll get what I tell you to get, now get going!

    (Hydia throws Reeka and Draggle down the stairs)

    Hydia: Ah, kids!

    (Cut to the canyon with Baby Lickety Split and Spike are trying to get out)

    Spike: Iíll give you a shove!

    Baby Lickety Spike: I can do it myself!

    Spike: Okay . . . I was just trying to help.

    (Cut to Reeka and Draggle wading through a swamp)

    Reeka: Whatís your rush?

    Draggle: If we donít get the stuff for the Smooze, Hydia will be even madder at us! And you know what that means.

    Reeka: You get it. The thought of all those things makes me sick.

    Draggle: Sick?

    (Song- I'll Do The Dirty Work)

    Draggle: Why, Reeka dear, you look a little pale! I fear you arenít feeling at your best! I hope you havenít come down with a chill . . . Perhaps you need to take a little rest!

    Reeka: What about all the work we have to do? Youíre not going to do it all alone, are you?

    Draggle: Why, Reeka darling, what are sisters for? Not to worry, not to worry! Iíll do the dirty work! Iíll handle all the dirty work! You go relax in your room! Iíll collect the muck and mire; I wouldnít want you to perspire! All you have to do is get the phlume!

    Reeka: The phlume! Me?

    Draggle: Why not? Iíll be getting everything else! Youíre not that sick!

    Reeka: Youíre right! In fact, suddenly, Iím feeling a whole lot better! Draggle dear, I just now had a flash! I still owe you a birthday gift or two! I suffered from a lack of ready cash, But now Iíd like to make it up to you!

    Iíll do the dirty work! Iíll handle all the dirty work! Each humble job Iíll assume! Iíll be working overtime, Collecting mold and filth and slime . . . All you have to do is get the phlume!

    Draggle: The phlume? Me?

    Reeka: Happy birthday!

    Draggle: Reeka dear, youíre really much to kind. Letís just divvy up the list.

    Reeka: Oh, nonsense, I donít mind! But if you really want to . . .

    Draggle: I insist.

    Reeka: Weíll both do the dirty work! Weíll both do the dirty work! Everyone should do her share!

    Draggle: Itís really only fair

    Reeka: Iíll collect the greenish mold

    Draggle: Iíll collect the blackish muck

    Reeka: Iíll collect the furry mildew . . . Just my luck, the mildewís stuck! Yuck, yuck!

    Draggle: Iíll collect the yellow fungus.

    Reeka: Iíll collect the silver slime.

    Draggle and Reeka: Doing dirty work together gets us done in half the time. You see, itís great when we cooperate!

    Reeka: Iíll do the dirty work.

    Draggle: Iíll gladly do the dirty work.

    Reeka and Draggle: No need to fret or fight or mope or fume.

    Reeka: Iíll do the dirty work!

    Draggle: Iíll gladly do the dirty work!

    Reeka: So long as someone else . . .

    Draggle: So long as someone else . . .

    Reeka and Draggle: So long as someone else gets the phlume!

    Reeka: Whereís the phlume?

    Draggle: It wasnít on your list?

    Reeka: I thought it was on yours.

    Draggle: Well one of us better get it! Whatíll we tell Ma....I mean, Hydia?

    Reeka: Weíll lie, we wonít tell her we didnít get the phume.

    Draggle: But sheíll know. All she has to do is look in the buckets.

    (Reeka dumps all the stuff in her bucket into Draggles bucket)

    Reeka: There! Sheíll never know the difference! You carry it.

    (Draggle trips over a snake thatís bites into Reekaís hat)

    Reeka: Klutz!

    (Cut to the Waterfall)

    Baby Lickety Split: Itís no good, Spike! Iím too heavy.

    Spike: Itís all right. Dragons are strong!

    Baby Lickety Split: But youíre just a baby dragon.

    Spike: Iím still a dragon.

    (They both fall backwards)

    (Cut to Shady, Gusty and Magic Star walking above the canyon)

    Magic Star: Did you hear something?

    Gusty: My horn itches!

    Shady: Something must be wrong!

    Magic Star: Something doesnít have to be wrong, Shady! Think positive for a change.

    (Pan down to Baby Lickety Split and Spike lying at the bottom of the canyon.)

    Spike: Look! (Pointing at the Ponies above)

    Baby Lickety Split: Help! Magic Star! Down here!

    Spike: Shady! Gusty! Help!

    (Cut to Magic Star, Shady, and Gusty)

    Magic Star: I heard something that time!

    Gusty: Well, I didnít.

    Shady: Maybe itís going to rain! Maybe weíll get all wet and catch pneumonia.

    Gusty: Oh, I knew you shouldnít have come!

    Shady: No, I like the rain! I love it!

    Magic Star: Weíll worry about the rain later! We have to find Spike and Lickety-Split!

    (Cut to bottom of the Canyon)

    Spike: Theyíre leaving!

    Baby Lickety Split: Nobody will ever find us down here. Weíll never get home . . . .

    (Cut to a small hole in the ground. A blue bushwoolie pops out of it)

    Blue Bushwoolie: That you shadow?

    (The Blue bushwoolie hops around a little)

    Blue Bushwoolie: Guess so! Hey, bushwoolies, itís spring!

    (More bushwoolies pop out of the hole)

    Bushwoolies: Itís spring, itís spring, hooray!

    Blue Bushwoolie: The sun is shining and the snow is gone!

    Bushwoolies: Yeah, the snow is gone!

    Blue Bushwoolie: And itís a bee-ooo-tiful day.

    Bushwoolies: A beautiful day! Beautiful! Beautiful! Mm-hmmmm...

    (Back at the Volcano of Gloom)

    Hydia: Did you get the stuff?

    Draggle: All of it!

    Reeka: Everything!

    Hydia: Excellent! Now, letís see what we shall throw in first . . .

    (Hydia goes over to a ledge over the lava with the bucket and begins picking ingredients out)

    Hydia: A little muck for power and strength . . . a gob of slime to make it ooze . . . some fungus, for that little added zip . . .

    Draggle: Sheís going to find out.

    Reeka: Shut up!

    Hydia: A splash of phlume to make . . . why, whereís the phlume?

    (Reeka shoves Draggle who runs into Hydia which knocks the bucket into the Valcano)

    Hydia: You . . . you . . . you clumsy pea-brain! Look what youíve done!

    Draggle: It doesnít . . . I mean . . . you were going to throw it all in anyways, werenít you?

    Hydia: Oh oh oh . . . itís not the same!

    Reeka: Look, itís working!

    Hydia: It is working! The Smooze is alive!

    Reeka: We did it!

    Hydia: Say goodbye to the little ponies!

    Reeka and Draggle (giggling): Goodbye! Bye ponies!

    (The Smooze begins to rampage)

    (Cut to bushwoolies hole)

    Blue Bushwoolie: C'mon, we'll be late!

    Magic Star: Hi bushwoolies!

    Blue Bushwoolie: Hi Magic Star! We were just leaving for the festival!

    Yellow Bushwoolie: With all sorts of bushmelons!

    Purple Bushwoolie: And we baked wooliecakes, too, see?

    Magic Star: We're looking for Baby Lickety Split!

    Blue Bushwoolie: You lose her?

    Gusty: She ran away!

    Bushwoolies: Ran away? Oh dear!

    Blue Bushwoolie (spotting the Smooze): Behind you!

    Magic Star: Out of the way, hurry!

    Bushwoolies: Look out! Move it! Careful!

    Blue Bushwoolie: Get the woolie cakes!

    Yellow Bushwoolie: Yeah, yeah, the woolie cakes!

    Gusty: Nevermind about those, get on!

    (Gusty and the two bushwoolies run away, but get smoozed)

    Shady: Oh Gusty! Oh, look at you! It's all my fault, I know it!

    Gusty: Yeah, it is! It's your bad luck!

    Magic Star: It's not your fault, Shady!

    Gusty: Yes it is! Yes it is!

    Blue Bushwoolie: It's her fault! I can hardly move!

    Yellow Bushwoolie: Yeah! Her fault!

    Magic Star: No, it's not! You're just grumpy because you've been smoozed!

    Blue Bushwoolie: Smooze? What's Smooze?

    Magic Star: It came from the Volcano of Gloom! The witches sent it! We have to warn the others!

    Shady: What about Spike and Lickety-Split?

    Magic Star: you keep looking for them!

    Shady: Me?

    Magic Star: Yes, you! I have to get back to Dream Castle!

    Gusty: Forget it! She'll never find them!

    Shady: I will too!

    Purple Bushwoolie: Yeah, hope hope!

    Shady: You coming with me?

    Purple Bushwoolie: Coming with you? Oh yeah, good idea! Mm hmm, good idea, yeah!

    Magic Star: To Dream Castle, everyone!

    (Hydia, Reeka and Draggle are spying on the ponies with the cauldren pool)

    Hydia: Gorgeous, Ponyland is turning dark, dank, and dreary! The Little Ponies are doomed!

    Draggle: Then we'll be all alone up here.

    Hydia: Splendid! We don't need anybody else!

    Reeka (eating): Want some?

    Draggle: What is it?

    Reeka: Stuffed bat wings! Mmmmmmm, good!

    Draggle: Are you sure we don't need anyone?

    (Back at the Canyon)

    Baby Lickety Split: We'll never get out of here!

    Spike: Don't give up! We'll make it!

    Baby Lickety Split: If only I hadn't run away . . .

    Spike: If only you could fly!

    (Spike sees the Smooze)

    Spike: Look out! This way! (Points to cave)

    Baby Lickety Split: What is it?

    Spike: I don't know!

    (Baby Lickety Split and Spike enter the cave)

    Spike: I hate to say this, but I think we're trapped!

    (Cut to the Spring festival)

    Magic Star: Into the castle, everyone! The Smooze is coming!

    Shady: What's Smooze?

    Fizzy: Will we like it? Is it nice?

    Magic Star: I'll explain later! Everyone inside, hurry!

    Buttons: Let's go, everyone! Into the Castle, quickly!

    Quail: What's happening? I don't know! What's going on?

    Fizzy (to Gusty): What's wrong with you?

    Gusty: What's it look like, Bubblehead?

    Magic Star (to WindWhistler and North Star): Get me some water, quick!

    (North Star and WindWhistler bring a tub of water)

    Magic Star: Dump it!

    Gusty: The Smooze didn't come off.

    Fizzy: What's Smooze??

    Magic Star: You're looking at it, Fizzy! The witches sent it down on us!

    Fizzy: They should be ashamed of themselves!

    Magic Star: And there's more coming--enough to bury us all!

    WindWhistler: I know what can help us, and Megan's got us!

    (Cut to the volcano)

    Draggle: Where are those ponies going?

    Hydia: It doesn't matter! They can't stop the Smooze! Nothing can stop the Smooze!

    (At Megan's home with Danny and Molly)

    Molly: Danny! Megan! Watch me jump!

    Danny: She'll never make it!

    Megan: You can do it, Molly! And smile!

    Danny: She'll probably break the camera!

    (Molly jumps TJ over a stack of hay)

    Megan: Way to go! By the time Mom and Dad get back, you'll be a champ!

    Molly: Look!

    Megan: Wind Whistler! North Star!

    Danny: You know them?

    Megan: They're my Little Ponies!

    Molly: The ones you told us about?

    Megan: The very same!

    WindWhistler: Megan! Time is of the essence! We've come for the Rainbow of Light!

    North Star: The witches from the Volcano of Gloom are trying to destroy us!

    Megan: That's awful! Here, take the Rainbow . . . but let me come with you! Maybe I can help!

    WindWhistler: No, Megan! It's our fight!

    North Star: Besides, it's too dangerous!

    Danny: I love danger! And I can ride like the wind!

    Molly: Me too!

    Danny: I'm better!

    Molly: We can all help!

    WindWhistler: Perhaps you're right!

    Megan: If those witches want a fight, we'll give them one!

    Danny: Let's fly!

    ( The Smooze is rampaging through Ponyland. Reeka and Draggle travel in it in a boat while Hydia watches)

    (Song- Nothing Can Stop The Smooze)

    Reeka and Draggle: Something bad is coming down! Have you heard the news?

    Smooze: Listen up!

    Reeka and Draggle: Get inside! Better run and hide! Nothing can stop the Smooze!

    Smooze: You can't stop me!

    Reeka and Draggle: See the way it slithers forth Spewing gobs of ooze henceforth!

    Smooze: I love ooze!

    Hydia: Here it comes!

    Reeka and Draggle: Right now!

    Hydia, Draggle and Reeka: Nothing can stop the Smooze!

    Smooze: No way!

    Reeka, Smooze and Draggle: You can't escape it, you can't escape it, you haven't got a chance. Yeah!

    Hydia: That evil goo is a witch's brew!

    Reeka and Draggle: No matter what you do, it's gonna get to you! Oooooo! Anyone who tries to fight is guaranteed to lose!

    Smooze: Guaranteed!

    Reeka and Draggle: You can't win!

    Hydia: You oughtta pack it in!

    Reeka, Draggle, Hydia and Smooze: Nothing can stop the Smooze!

    Smooze: Don't even try!!

    Reeka and Draggle: Here comes the Smooze cruisin' along Singin' it's funky, gunky song!

    Hydia: Just ain't no way to stop . . .

    Reeka Draggle and Hydia: Our gooey, gooey glop! Ooooooh!

    When it comes to witches' brews, Smooze is what we choose! We won't stop, Nothing else can top Our ......... unstop- -pable Smooooooooze . . .

    Smooze: I love to Smooze!

    Reeka and Draggle: Smoooooooze . . . nothing can stop the Smooze!

    Smooze: Smooze...

    Sweet Stuff: Dream Castle is almost gone . . .

    Magic Star: Megan! Release the Rainbow of Light!

    (Megan releases the Rainbow of Light, which begins to fight the Smooze)

    Ponies and Humans: Yay!

    Hydia: Fight back, Smooze! What's the matter with you? Attack!

    Draggle and Reeka: The Smooze is losing!

    Draggle: I think we're in a lot of trouble.

    (The Smooze continues to take a beating)

    Draggle: Oh, are we gonna get it! Are we gonna get it!

    Reeka: Shut up!

    Danny: Way to go, Rainbow! All right!

    (The ponies and humans cheer)

    (The Smooze grabs the Rainbow and buries it)

    Molly: The Smooze got our rainbow!

    Fizzy: Oh no! What're we gonna do?

    (Cut to the inside of the house on the volcano)

    Hydia: The Smooze can't lose . . . There's something you haven't told me . . .

    Reeka: No! We told you everything!

    Hydia: I don't believe you!

    Draggle: We wouldn't lie!

    Hydia: I told you, I don't care if you lie, just not to me!

    Reeka: But we didn't do anything wrong!

    Draggle: Reeka's right, the Smooze worked without it!

    Hydia: Without what?

    Draggle: Uh oh!

    Hydia: Without what?

    Draggle: Nothing!

    Hydia: Then eat!

    Reeka: Ewwww!

    Draggle: No, don't make us eat ice cream!

    Hydia: Then tell me why the Smooze lost!

    Draggle: Well . . . maybe there is one thing . . .

    Reeka: Draggle . . .

    Hydia: Go on!

    Draggle: Well . . . well . . . well . . . when we got the stuff to make the Smooze, we uh, we uh, we forgot the phlume!

    Hydia: You forgot the phlume!?!?!?!?

    Reeka: It was an honest mistkae, Mama!

    Hydia: What . . . did you . . . call me?

    Reeka: Sorry, Hydia! I didn't mean to call you Mama!

    Hydia: I'm giving you one last chance, girls! Get the phlume or get a room!

    (Back at Dream Castle)

    Sweet Stuff: The Rainbow of Light is gone forever.

    Danny: Why can't we just dig it out?

    WindWhistler: That's impossible! The congealed Smooze has formed an impenetrable shell! I'm afraid we're stuck with it.

    Gusty: No, I'm stuck with it, Big Mouth!

    Blue Bushwoolie: Yeah! Stuck with it!

    Yellow Bushwoolie: Yeah!

    Fizzy: We can't give up hope!

    Sweet Stuff: Fizzy's right; we can rebuild our home and maybe even find a way to unsmooze everybody!

    Baby Lofy, Baby Sundance and Baby Ribbon: Rebuild! Rebuild! Be happy again!

    Gusty: Forget it, we're finished! It's over!

    Blue Bushwoolie: Yeah!

    Megan: No! It's not over! You can't give up hope!

    (Song - Theres Always Another Rainbow)

    Megan: There's always another rainbow, Search until you find it! Don't look at the clouds, look behind it! There's a rainbow there somewhere!

    There's always another rainbow, Though it all seems tragic; Just open your eyes and like magic There's an answer to your prayer!

    Now you feel forlorn, But hope can be reborn! Try to lose that frown! Look up, not down!

    And you'll find another rainbow! I can guarentee it! Even though it seems you've reached the rainbow's end! There's always another rainbow, Always another rainbow round the bend.

    (A glob of Smooze falls on Sweet Stuff's back and head)

    Sweet Stuff: More Smooze, too!

    Molly: Be brave, Sweet Stuff; I'll help you!

    Sweet Stuff: You? You couldn't help a skunk stink!

    Fizzy: Gee, even her twinkle is gone!

    Megan: Well, I'm not giving up! We can go to the Moochick, he helped us before!

    Gusty: No way! The Moochick's too absent-minded to even remember who we are!

    WindWhistler: We must explore every possibility, every avenue! I'll take you there, Megan!

    Fizzy: And I'll go with you! Unicorns are good luck! And good company, too!

    Sweet Stuff: We'll need more than good luck!

    ( Reeka and Draggle go off to get the phlume)

    Draggle: Y'know, maybe we should get a room! Maybe it's time to move out, get a place of our own!

    Reeka: Live with you? I'd rather get the phlume!

    Draggle: Well, that's fine with me!

    (They spot the phlume (which is a huge scary plant)

    Draggle: There it is!

    Reeka: On second thought, you get it! You're taller!

    Draggle: You're stronger!

    Reeka: It's the phlume or Hydia, what do you want?

    Draggle: We'll do it together! You hold it, I'll stick it!

    Reeka: You hold it, I'll stick it! Gimmee the pick and the bottle!

    (They cautiously approach the phlume plant)

    Draggle: Ready?

    Reeka: Grab it!

    (Draggle grabs the plant)

    Draggle: Stick it!

    (Reeka sticks the phlume with the pick and yellow slime spits out of the plant)

    Draggle: Bottle it!

    (Reeka gets the bottle and tries to get the liquid in it)

    Reeka: Whatever you do, don't let go!

    (The phlume grabs Draggle with its leaves (arms) and throws her aside)

    Reeka (as the phlume grabs her): You let go!

    Draggle: I didn't mean to!

    (The phlume starts beating up Reeka and Draggle in various ways. It begins hitting them together, but they grab each other)

    Draggle: Hang on!

    (The phlume tickles Draggle and she lets go of Reeka. Draggle gets away from the phlume . . . it holds Reeka over the cliff)

    (Draggle grabs Reeka's leg and tries to pull her to safety)

    Draggle: I've got you!

    Reeka: Pull!

    Draggle: I'm pulling!

    Reeka: Pull harder!

    Draggle: I'm pulling as hard as I can!

    Reeka: Just don't drop me!

    Draggle: Just don't drop the bottle! You're almost out!

    (Reeka bites the phlume and it lets her go, both Reeka and Draggle fly backwards. They land at the bottom of the hill)

    Reeka: I got it!

    (Meanwhile at the Mushromp Fizzy Windwhistler and Megan walk up to Mr. Moochicks home)

    Megan: I hope the Moochick's home!

    Fizzy: Mr. Moochick! Mr. Moochick!

    (Inside Moochicks house, Habbit and the Moochick are playing cheekers)

    Moochick (to Habbit): Well, is it your turn or mine? I don't recall! Oh yes, of course, of course!

    (The Moochick moves a piece on his cheekerboard. Habbit then jumps over all the Moochick's pieces)

    Moochick: Oh, I never win!

    Megan: Mr. Moochick! Are you in there?

    WindWhistler: That's funny; the Moochick never leaves the safe confines of his Mushromp.

    Fizzy: I'm sure he's here somewhere! He has to be here! Maybe he's here but he doesn't want to see us!

    Moochick (appearing beside them): And who, may I ask, are you?

    Windwhistler: I'm known as Wind Whistler!

    Fizzy: And I'm Fizzy! We're Little Ponies!

    Megan: And I'm Megan!

    Moochick: My, my, what a funny Little Pony you are, Megan!

    Megan: I'm not a Little Pony, Mr. Moochick! Don't you remember us?

    Moochick: You're from outside the Moochick, right?

    Megan: Right! And the Little Ponies need your help!

    Moochick: Not again!

    Fizzy: You do remember!

    Moochick: How could I forget?

    Windwhistler: You gave us the Rainbow of Light!

    Moochick: It worked, I presume.

    Megan: It worked great. But it's gone now. The Smooze got it!

    Fizzy: Do you have another one?

    Moochick: Oh my, oh my, no, I'm sorry! There is no more Rainbow of Light! Hmm . . . what a shame!

    Megan: And the Smooze covered over Dream Castle, too! The Little Ponies have no place to live!

    Moochick: Well, that's ridiculous! Absurd! Everyone has to have a place to live!

    (Song - Home Is Where The Heart Is)

    Moochick: Home is where the heart is . . .
    It's where you hang your hat!
    Without a home, you're no where,
    And no where is no place to be at!

    WindWhistler: Precisely, Mr. Moochick, but what do you propose we do about it?

    Moochick: Why, you have to have a home,
    You can't live without a home!
    Everybody has to have a home!
    And I have one to suit you to a "T";
    It's this darling little villa in Capri!
    Lot's of closet space and overlooks the sea!

    Megan: Uh, Mr. Moochick, it's very sweet of you offer, but I don't think it's quite what the Little Ponies had in mind!

    Moochick: No? But goodness me!
    You have to have a home . . .
    What about the Hippodrome?
    It used to be quite popular in Rome!

    Or why not do what Cleopatra did
    And buy a nice Egyptian pyramid?
    Take a look! I guarantee you'll flip your lid!

    Fizzy: Gee, that's great!

    WindWhistler: It's wonderful, Mr. Moochick, but we couldn't possible live there!

    Moochick: My, my, you certainly are picky Little Ponies! Now let me see . . .

    What about a teepee? What about an igloo?
    What about a treehouse made completely of bamboo?
    I knew a woman once--lived in a shoe!
    I know, it simply isn't you!

    You need a place to dwell . . . the Taj Mahal is swell!
    Or maybe you'd prefer a swank hotel!
    Or how about a palace like Versailles?
    Well, I really don't know what I ought to try!
    You're looking for some castle in the sky!

    WindWhistler: We truly apologize for being so difficult, but Dream Castle was rather special!

    Fizzy: Yeah, it's not so easy to replace, but you can do it! I know you can!

    Megan: You see, Mr. Moochick, to the Little Ponies, Dream Castle was a little bit of heaven!

    Moochick: Heaven? Well, I'm afraid you little ponies had better come back down to Earth!

    You have to find a home . . .
    How about the Astrodome?
    Or something futuristic made of chrome?

    I'm sorry, but if you want my advice
    You'll simply have to make a sacrifice!
    I know the home you had was very nice,
    But what you're looking for is paradise!

    WindWhistler: Terrific!

    Moochick: It's paradise!

    Fizzy: We'll take it!

    Moochick: It's paradise!

    (Song Ends) Fizzy: Oh, it's beautiful, Mr. Moochick!

    WindWhistler: The Paradise Estate is exactly what we were looking for.

    Megan: We're very grateful, Mr. Moochick, but what about the Smooze? What if the witches make more?

    Moochick: Well, that's a problem, yes! It's very difficult to stop the Smooze. Maybe even impossible.

    Windwhistler: Oh, but we were counting on you, Mr. Moochick! We presumed you knew everything!

    Moochick: I do know everything, my flying four-legged friend! The only ones who can stop the Smooze are . . . uh . . . are . . . are . . . of course! The flutter ponies!

    Megan: Where are they?

    Moochick: Well, they're not easy to find!

    Fizy: Can you give us a clue--anything! We'll find them!

    Moochick: Hm? Ah, you're in luck! This ancient map will show you the way to Flutter Valley, the home of the flutter ponies! But don't tell them I gave it to you! They don't like to be bothered!

    Megan: We won't breathe a word, Mr. Moochick! Promise!

    Moochick: Off, off, off you go! Time is short! Take your map and your Paradise Estate and good luck to you!

    Fizzy: You've already given us good luck, Mr. Moochick! Buh-bye! Thanks!

    Moochick: Bye-bye, bye-bye! (to Habbit) Hm, are you sure it's the flutter ponies? Maybe it's the singing grasshoppers. Then again, it could be the wiggleworms from beyond the water lilies . . .

    (Cut to Spike and Baby Lickety Split walking through underground tunnels)

    Spike: Another tunnel . . .

    Baby Lickety Split: We'll never get out of here, Spike!

    Spike: Aw, we'll be out of here in two flicks of a dragon's tail! You'll see!

    Baby Lickety Split: I'm scared!

    Spike: Aw, don't be! I'll protect you!

    (A rock falls from the ceiling of the cave)

    Spike: What was that??

    (The Grundles come out of hiding)

    Grundles: Don't be frightened! What's you're hurry? Have no fear! Not to worry! Sorry to alarm you . . . Grundles won't harm you!

    Spike: Grundles? How do we know you won't harm us?

    Baby Lickety Split: W-we thought you were some kind of monsters!

    Grundle King: Grundles good!

    Baby Lickety Split: They still look like monsters to me!

    Grundle King: Is what everyone thinks! But Grundles not monsters--Grundles good!

    (Song - Grundles Good)

    Grundles: Grundles good! Grundles good! Grundles good! Grundles small; Grundles nice; Grundles also quite concise! Grundles don't waste words! Wasting words for the birds! People stunned--often scared-- Meeting Grundles unprepared!

    Grundles are misunderstood! Grundles neat, Grundles gentle, Grundles sweet and sentimental! Grundles hug you, never bug you!

    Grundles good! Grundles good! Grundles good! Grundles are misunderstood! Take a shot! Get acquainted! Grundles not as we're painted! Grundles love all and above all . . .

    Grundles good! Grundles good! Grundles good! Grundles good! Grundles good! Grundles good!

    Grundle King: I am king of Grundles!

    Grundles: We are rest of Grundles!

    Grundle King: We are all that's left of great but tiny kingdom of Grundleland!

    Grundles: Waaaaaah! Grundleland! We miss it!

    Grundle King: Sorry Grundles! I try not to mention it too often!

    Spike: What happened?

    Grundle King: Witches! Smooze! It was terrible!

    Baby Lickety Split: What's Smooze?

    Spike: Can you help us get back to Dream Castle?

    Grundle King: Never fear, never doubt, Grundles help to get you out!

    Baby Lickety Split: So . . . what's Smooze?

    (Grundle King leads everyone outside. Smooze is all around(dried smooze))

    Grundle King: Grundlemumf!!!

    Baby Lickety Split: What's Smooze?

    Grundles: That's Smooze!

    Grundle King: Oooooo! Witches do it again!

    Spike: Are you still going to help us?

    Grundle King: Grundles help!

    Grundle: Grundles hurry!

    Grundle: Grundles move it!

    Grundle: Grundles scurry!

    Grundle: Hey! Wait for Grundle!

    (Meanwhile, Reeka, Draggle, and Hydia are down by a patch of Smooze preparing to add the phlume)

    Reeka: Throw it in, Hydia!

    Draggle: Give it the phlume!

    Hydia: Open up, my precious! Hydia has something special for you!

    (The Smooze spits the phlume out)

    Draggle: It didn't work!

    Hydia: It has to work! Drink!

    Draggle: Look out!

    Reeka: It's the old Smooze!

    Hydia: Worse! It's meaner and madder! There's no stopping it now! This time it'll cover all of Ponyland and rid us of the Little Ponies forever! Back to the house! I want to watch this!

    (In the meantime, Fizzy, Wind Whistler, and Megan have returned with Paradise Estate, which the other ponies are exploring)

    Buttons: We could put our new dance studio in here!

    Sundance: There's enough space down here for a grand ballroom!

    Lofty: And we can have our nursery in this room!

    Buttons: There's even a swimming pool!

    Bushwoolies: A swimming pool? Yay! Yeah yeah!

    Blue Bushwoolie: Big deal.

    Yellow Bushwoolie: Who likes swimming anyway?

    Blue Bushwoolie: Tell me, who? Watch it! Whoa, whoa!

    North Star: The Smooze! It's alive again!

    Megan: We'd better find those flutter ponies now!

    Magic Star: I'm going with you!

    Fizzy: And me! Don't forget me!

    Molly: I want to go, too!

    Megan: No, Molly, it's not safe!

    Danny: Safe or not, we're not staying behind this time!

    Molly: We can help! You said so yourself!

    Megan: All right! This is no time to argue!

    North Star: Hurry! The Smooze is coming!

    Megan: Let's ride!

    (Draggle and Reeka are spying on the ponies and see Megan and the Ponies leave)

    Reeka: They're afraid! They're running away!

    Hydia: I want those Little Ponies stopped!

    Reeka: Why? You said nothing can stop the Smooze now . . . What difference does it make?

    Hydia: Get Ahhg.

    Draggle: Oh no, not Ahgg!

    Hydia: Get him!

    (Cut to a Smoozed landscape . . . Shady is still searching for Baby Lickety-Split and Spike)

    Shady: We'll never find Lickety-Split . . .

    Purple Bushwoolie: Oh, never!

    Shady: Everything looks like everything else!

    Purple Bushwoolie: Yeah . . . everything!

    Shady: Oh, what if the Smooze got them?

    Purple Bushwoolie: The Smooze got them? Oh no!

    Shady: It's not for sure, bushwoolie! C'mon, we have to keep looking!

    Purple Bushwoolie: Yeah, keep looking! Keep looking!

    (Cut to a cavern with steps leading down it)

    Reeka: What a day! First the phlume, now Ahgg!

    Draggle: We have to do everything!

    Reeka: This is it, I mean it! I'm through after this! From now on Hydia can do everything herself!

    Draggle: Are you going to tell her?

    Reeka: Don't bother me!

    (Reeka and Draggle look down a chasm)

    Reeka: Ahgg, are you in there?

    (A roar fills the air)

    Draggle: He's in there!

    Reeka: We need your help, Ahgg!

    (Another roar)

    Draggle: Please, Ahgg, don't be difficult!

    (A roar and two giant legs swipe at the witches)

    Reeka: Nice Ahgg, here! I made something special for you!

    (Ahgg grabs the plate from Reeka. Crunching is heard)

    Draggle: Ahggie likes it!

    Reeka: Does that mean you'll help?

    (A giant belch comes from the chasm)

    Draggle: Is that a yes or a no?

    (Back to Shady and the bushwoolie; both are sitting down crying)

    Shady: I'm sorry, bushwoolie, I didn't mean to make you cry!

    Purple Bushwoolie: You cry, I cry! I'm sorry!

    Shady: I'm just sad we haven't found Spike and Lickety-Split. I guess I'm a failure.

    Purple Bushwoolie: A failure. You fail, oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

    Shady: You don't have to agree with everything I say!

    Purple Bushwoolie: Yes I do! Bushwoolies agree with everything, all the time! Yes we do, yes yes!

    Shady: Don't you ever have anything to say for yourself?

    Purple Bushwoolie: Yeah . . . run!

    Shady: Run? Why run?

    (Shady looks behind her and sees the Smooze coming)

    Shady: Run!

    (In the meantime, Megan and her friends follow the map)

    Megan: We must be going the right way! There are the giant sunflowers! There's no time to go around them, we'll have to go through!

    Molly: They're so big, we'll get lost!

    Windwhistler: Just keep your eye on the sky! I'll get you through safely!

    Fizzy: Great idea, Wind Whistler! It's a good thing you came along! We'll make it for sure now! We'll just . . .

    Magic Star: Calm down, Fizzy! We won't get anywhere if you don't stop talking!

    Fizzy: Sorry! It's just sometimes I get so excited, I just . . .

    Magic Star: Follow me!

    Fizzy: Gee, I don't know why a Little Pony can't be enthusiastic once in a while!

    Windwhistler: Straight ahead! You're doing splendidly!

    Danny: Now I know how an ant feels!

    Windwhistler: To the left! You're drifting!

    Megan: Stay close, everybody!

    Magic Star: How much further?

    Windwhistler: You've reached the half-way point!

    ( Smooze begins appearing over the horizon )

    Windwhistler: Oh no!

    Megan: What is it?

    Windwhistler: Smooze! Run for it!

    Fizzy: Get on!

    Megan: That way!

    Windwhistler: Faster! It's getting closer!

    ( Megan trips and falls )

    Magic Star: Megan!

    Megan: Keep going! I'll cath up to ya!

    (Magic Star and Fizzy trot ahead. Megan gets up, but the earth splits in front of her and fills with Smooze)

    Megan: Help!

    (The other ponies are too far ahead to hear Megan. They reach another channel of Smooze)

    Molly: Can you jump it, Fizzy?

    Fizzy: Gosh, I don't think so!

    Magic Star: I can! Get on!

    Molly: What about Fizzy?

    Fizzy: Not to worry! I'll just use my unicorn magic!

    (Fizzy winks across)

    Danny: Wow!

    Fizzy: Come on!

    Magic Star: Hang on!

    (Magic Star jumps across)

    Molly: Where's Megan?

    (Wind Whistler flies back to find Megan)

    (The Smooze is getting nearer to Megan, so she prepares to vault over the chasm using a giant sunflower)

    Megan: Here goes nothing!

    (Megan vaults across but only manages to catch the edge of the cliff)

    Megan: Help me! I'm falling!

    Windwhistler: Hold on, Megan!

    Megan: I can't!

    (Megan falls, but is caught by Wind Whistler. They rejoin the others)

    Molly: Megan!

    Danny: Are you all right?

    Megan: I'm fine, thanks to Wind Whistler!

    Windwhistler: It's easy to be courageous when helping others!

    Fizzy: Gee, Wind Whistler, that's beautiful! I love the way you talk!

    Magic Star: Smoozeball coming! Look out!

    (A purple ball bounces up to the ponies, but turns out to be a bushwoolie)

    Purple Bushwoolie: Hi!

    Fizzy: Bushwoolie! We thought you were a smoozeball!

    Magic Star: What about Lickety-Split and Spike?

    Shady (trotting up): We can't find them!

    Fizzy: Oh, Shady, that's awful!

    Shady: I tried, I really did, we looked everywhere, honest!

    Purple Bushwoolie: Yeah, everywhere! Shady tried!

    Magic Star: I'm sure you did!

    Shady: Now that Megan's here, maybe my luck will change!

    Megan: We're going to need all the luck we can get! If this map is right, Flutter Valley is that way, through a place called Shadow Forest!

    Danny (making a face): Oooooo!

    Molly: Danny!

    (Cut to a field. The Grundles stand in the middle in a Grundle ladder with the Grundle King on top looking around the land for smooze)

    Spike: What do you think, king?

    Grundle King: Dream Castle that way!

    Baby Lickety Split: You sure?

    Spike: Seems to me we've been that way already. What's over there?

    Grundle King: Smooze!

    (Baby Lickety Split, Spike and the Grundles run from the Smooze. They end up in the river. Luckily, a log floats by)

    Spike: Climb on!

    (Everyone climbs onto the log)

    Grundle King: Spike! Tail smoozed!

    Spike: It's one of my favorite parts . . .

    Baby Lickety Split: Oh, Spike . . .

    Grundle King: Don't be sad. Not too bad!

    Spike: Maybe I can use it to steer; nothing else to do with it now!

    (The log goes over a waterfall, but no one is hurt.However, more Smooze is flowing into the river ahead)

    Grundle King: More Smooze!

    Spike: Lean to the right, everybody! Lean! Prepare to go ashore!

    (The log hits a rock and everyone is thrown quite a ways into the forest. The clearing has many flowers and a small well)

    Baby Lickety Split: That was close!

    Grundle King: We almost went way of Grundleland!

    Grundles: Ohhhh, Grundleland!

    Grundle King: Must remember not to mention Grundleland!

    Grundles: Ohhhhh, Grundleland!

    Grundle King: Grundlemumf!

    Baby Lickety Split: If only I hadn't run away, none of this would've happened to me.

    Grundle King: It bring Grundle King!

    (Baby Lickety Split wanders over to the well, looking sad and upset)

    Baby Lickety Split: That's true, but we're lost, your tail's smoozed, and it's all my fault! If only somebody could help me!

    Echo (from the well): Help me!

    Spike: Hey, wait! Maybe we can wish away the Smooze!

    Baby Lickety Split: That's not a wishing well. It can't help.

    Spike: Can't hurt! Go on, Lickety-Split, make your wish! Who knows, maybe it'll change things!

    Baby Lickety Split: I don't know, there's an awful lot to change . . .

    (Song - What Good Will Wishing Do)

    No one's in a fix like I am!
    Echo (Morning Glory): I am!
    Baby Lickety Split: No one has the luck I do!
    Echo (Morning Glory): I do!
    Baby Lickety Split: No one has the setbacks I have!
    Echo(Morning Glory): I have!
    Baby Lickety Split: Look where life has led me to!
    Echo(Morning Glory): Me too!
    Baby Lickety Split: Nothing I can see can help me . . .
    Echo(Moring Glory): Help me!
    Baby Lickety Split: And with all that we've come through!
    Echo(Morning Glory): Come through . . .
    Baby Lickety Split: I wish this was a dream so I could wake up . . .
    Echo(Morning Glory): Wake up!
    Baby Lickety Split: But what good will wishing do?
    Spike: Come on, Lickety-Split, make a real wish! Feeling sorry for yourself isn't going to improve the situation!
    Baby Lickety Split: I can't help it! Everything looks so hopeless!
    Nothing I can see can help me . . .
    Spike: Somebody will save you!
    Baby Lickety Split: Who-oo?
    Echo(Morning Glory): Yoo-hoo!
    Baby Llickety Split: I wish there was a cozy little inn near . . .
    Echo(Morning Glory): In here!
    Baby Lickety Split: But what good will wishing do?
    Echo(Morning Glory): It might make your dream come true!
    (Song Ends)

    Spike: Hey, someone's down there!

    (The Grundle King drops the bucket down the well and they all pull it up. Morning Glory is in the basket)

    Baby Lickety Split: It's a . . . what is it?

    Morning Glory: I'm Morning Glory, a flutter pony. Who're you?

    Baby Lickety Split: Lickety-Split! I'm a baby pony!

    Spike: And I'm Spike!

    Grundle King: And I am king of Grundles!

    Grundles: We are rest of Grundles!

    Spike: You live in this well?

    Morning Glory (getting out of the bucket and kicking it): Goodness, no! I stopped for a drink and fell in. My wings got wet and I couldn't fly out!

    (The bucket knocks Morning Glory off her feet, but Spike and the Grundles catch her)

    Morning Glory: Thank you! What are all of you doing here?

    Baby Lickety Split: Trying to get away from some ugly purple stuff!

    Morning Glory: Smooze?

    Spike: You know about Smooze?

    Morning Glory: Flutter ponies know all about the Smooze!

    Grundle King: You help us?

    Moring Glory: Certainly! You helped me--it's only fair!

    Baby Lickety Split: Then my wish did come true!

    Morning Glory: Follow me, I'll take you to Flutter Valley!

    (Back to Paradise Estate)

    Norht Star: Here comes the Smooze!

    Buttons: How close is it?

    Norht Star: Too close!

    (Cut to the Shadow Forest)

    Megan: It's Shadow Forest, all right.

    Molly: Looks so dark in there!

    Danny: You should've brought your night-light!

    Megan: Danny!

    Danny: Only kidding!

    Molly: You were not!

    Shady: Over here, I found a trail, hurry! Gee, I finally did something good. Maybe my luck is changing!

    Molly: It's scary in here!

    Danny: Aw, they're only shadows! Don't be such a chicken!

    (A tree branch falls behind Danny and he jumps back)

    Danny: What was that?

    Windwhistler: It's only a tree branch! An oak, I believe. Nothing to be frightened of.

    Molly: You bring your night-light, Danny?

    Danny: All right, big deal! So I thought it was something else!

    Molly: What, a monster?

    Megan: Come on, you two, that's enough! There aren't any monsters here!

    Shady: But where's here? We're lost, I just know it!

    Fizy (looking irritated): We're not lost, Shady! Relax!

    Megan (looking at the map): Oh . . . oh, here we are!

    Danny: What are all those squiggly lines?

    Megan: I don't know.

    (A tree branch impales the map. Megan grabs the map back)

    Megan: I do now! Run!

    Windwhistler: Wait! There's no need to panic!

    (Several branches land around Wind Whistler) Windwhistler: Now panic!!

    (Everyone races through the forest as the trees fling branches at them)

    Shady: We'll never make it through the forest!

    Fizzy: Yes we will!

    (Fizzy turns around and runs back)

    Megan: Fizzy! Fizzy, come back!

    (Fizzy keeps winking as the trees fling branches at her. Then she rejoins the others)

    Molly: I wish I could disappear like that!

    Megan: Keep running! Don't stop! Flutter Valley should be right through there!

    Magic Star: Look!

    Fizzy: What a wonderful place! These flowers are the most beautiful I've ever seen! Smell so sweet!

    Molly: I'll bet Flutter Valley's on the other side of that tall, furry plant.

    Megan: There's no tall, furry plant on the map!

    Molly (touching the "plant"): Really?

    (The "plant" growls)

    Megan: Careful! Don't touch it!

    (The "plant" turns out to be Ahgg, the giant spider. It chases the ponies over to a bunch of boulders)

    Fizzy: Oh my goodness!

    Danny: Awesome!

    Molly: It's the ugliest thing I've ever seen.

    Danny: Reminds me of your friend Laurie!

    Molly: Does not!

    Windwhistler: Perhaps there's another way into Flutter Valley.

    Megan: Not according to the map.

    Fizzy: Maybe it'll go home.

    Shady: Maybe we should go home.

    Danny: Let's see if it's hungry!

    Megan: Danny!

    (Danny moves away from the boulders)

    Danny: Hey, Ugo, you hungry?

    (Ahgg roars loudly)

    (Danny throws some candy into his mouth and chews it)

    Danny: See? It's good! Here, go get it!

    (Danny throws the candy across the canyon and Ahgg leaps after it)

    Megan: Now's our chance!

    (Everyone races to the giant spider web blocking the entrance and the ponies try to get through)

    Shady: We can't do it, it's too sticky!

    Magic Star: Keep trying!

    Purple Bushwoolie: Look out, he's coming back!

    Shady: We're stuck!

    (The humans start freeing the ponies from the web)

    Fizzy: Hurry, please!

    Megan: There!

    (They all run to safety)

    Megan: We've gotta get past it!

    Molly: I know! I heard spiders are ticklish!

    Danny: That's the dumbest thing I ever heard!

    Molly: Is not!

    Danny: Is too!

    Molly (grabbing a cat-tail): You just watch!

    (Molly tickles one of the spider's leg from behind a boulder. It chuckles)

    Ahgg: (chuckles......laughs......laughs wildly)

    Megan: It laughed!

    Danny: Huh! Barely!

    (Megan grabs a bunch of cat-tails and gives them to everyone)

    Megan: Start tickling, everybody!

    (They tickle. The spider laughs hysterically)

    Megan: The web's falling apart! Keep it up!

    Purple Bushwoolie: Coochi coochi coo!

    Molly: I knew spider's were ticklish!

    Danny: That's `cause you're my sister! Good work, Molly!

    (Danny kisses Molly)

    Molly: Ewwwww, Danny kissed me!

    (The spider falls to the ground in spasms of laughter)

    Megan: There's an opening! Come on! (They run and start climbing a cliff at the end of the canyon. Ahgg recovers and runs over to catch them. They are all safely away from him except Megan, who grabs a bad rock and falls back)

    Danny: Megan!

    Megan: Help me!

    (Wind Whistler flies back and zooms around Ahgg's head, confusing him. Megan climbs to safety)

    (They all proceed along the path and at last reach Flutter Valley)

    Megan: Oh, it's unbelievable!

    Fizzy: I never dreamed anything could be so beautiful!

    Magic Star: Look at all the flutter ponies!

    Molly: There're so many of them!

    Shady: But they're not very big. How can they stop the Smooze?

    Megan: Let's find out.

    Molly: Where'd they all go?

    Shady: Maybe they're afraid of us. Maybe they don't want us here!

    Mega: Hello! We're not here to hurt you, flutter ponies! We need your help!

    Molly: Up there!

    (Rosedust flies down)

    Rosedust: I am Rosedust, the queen of the flutter ponies.

    Molly: Um, I'm Megan! And these are my friends, the Little Ponies!

    Rosedust: I heard you say you need our help!

    Molly: Oh, we do, Rosedust!

    Fizzy: The Smooze!

    Megan: We've been told you're the only ones who can stop it!

    Rosedust: It is true, we have that power.

    Magic Star: Will you help us, then?

    Rosedust: Try to understand. We want only to be left alone.

    Megan: Then you won't help the Little Ponies?

    Rosedust: No.

    Morning Glory (flying in): You have to help them, Rosedust!

    Rosedust: Morning Glory!

    Shady: Lickety-Split! Spike! I never thought we'd see you again!

    Morning Glory: They need our help, Rosedust!

    Rosedust: It's not our fight, Morning Glory.

    Megan: Yes it is! It's everyone's fight!

    Baby Lickety Split: Yeah! Everybody has to help everyone else! I mean, I wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for the Grundles!

    Grundle King: Greetings!

    Baby Lickety Split: Somebody has to stop the Smooze.

    Morning Glory: Please, Rosedust!

    (Rosedust flutters around indecisivly)

    (Meanwhile, Hydia, Draggle, and Reeka are in their boat again)

    Hydia: The Little Ponies are finished! There's no escape this time!

    (Back at Paradise Estate)

    North Star: It's nearly on top of us!

    Buttons: We'll have to make a run for it!

    Norht Star: We can't! We're surrounded by Smooze!

    Buttons: To the roof!

    (Pan to the boat)

    Hydia: Just watch! The Smooze will do the rest!

    (Cut to Paradise Estate. All the ponies are now on the roof)

    Baby Lofy: What're we going to do?

    Buttons: Everyone, close your eyes! Close `em! That's it! Now I want you all to think of Megan and Magic Star, and Fizzy and Wind Whistler! Now imagine a sky filled with flutter ponies! Do y'see `em?

    Sweet Stuff: I don't see anything!

    Gusty: Neither do I.

    Baby Sundace: I do! I do!

    Baby Lofty: What's that sound?

    Buttons: It's . . . them!

    Ponies: They're coming! They're coming! Hooray! Hooray!

    Buttons: Lickety-Split! You're back!

    Reeka: Shift to Utter Flutter! Push back the Smooze!

    Hydia: It's the flutter ponies! My Smooze!

    Ponies: Flutter ponies, get the witches! Flutter ponies, get the witches!

    Buttons: I'm glad you're home, Lickety-Split!

    Baby Lickety Split: Me too!

    Hydia: Fight back, Smooze! Don't let them beat you!

    Reeka: C'mon, Smooze! You coward!

    Draggle: Work, Smooze! Do something!

    (The Smooze half-heartedly throughs gobs of itself at the flutter ponies, but is driven back)

    Magic Star: It's Dream Castle!

    Megan: The Rainbow of Light! It's okay now!

    (Three flutter ponies come near the roof of Paradise Estate and blow the Smooze off Sweet Stuff, Gusty, and the two bushwoolies)

    Sweet Stuff: Thank you, flutter ponies!

    Molly: Your twinkle is back, Sweet Stuff!

    (Meanwhile in the witches boat)

    Hydia: Return to the volcano! It's our only chance!

    Reeka: You said nothing could stop the Smooze!

    Hydia: I lied!

    Draggle: Look out!

    (The Rainbow of Light grabs the three witches and hovers over the volcano. At the same time, the flutter ponies drop all the Smooze into the volcano)

    Ponies: Yay!

    Draggle: I thought we didn't need anybody else! Is that another lie?

    Reeka: Put us down, Rainbow, please put us down!

    Hydia: No! Don't put us down! Don't do that!

    (The Rainbow drops the witches, who fall into the Smooze in the volcano)

    Reeka: You! You and your Smooze!

    Draggle: Oh, it's all your fault, Mama!

    Hydia: This is not my fault! And don't call me Mama!

    Draggle: Mama!

    Reeka: Mother!

    Draggle: Mommy!

    Reeka: Ma!

    (Back at Paradise Estate)

    Spike: Uh, Rosedust, before you leave, do you think maybe you could . . . uh . . . do something about this?

    (Spike motions to his smoozed tail)

    Rosedust: Certainly! Brace yourself!

    (Rosedust unsmoozes Spike)

    Spike: I always liked my tail! Thanks! Oh, one more thing! Do you think you could do anything about my friends the Grundles?

    Reeka: I'll need a little help for that!

    (She whistles and three more flutter ponies and Morning Glory fly over. They try to unsmooze the Grundles)

    Grundle King: Grundlemumf, what doing? Grundles good!

    Spike: They're trying to take off the Smooze, king!

    Grundle King: What Smooze? Grundles never smoozed! Kingdom Smoozed, Grundles not; what you see is what you got!

    Spike: Sorry, king!

    Megan: Well, personally, I think Grundles are not only good, Grundles are beautiful!

    Bushwoolies: Yeah, beautiful! Really neat! Grundles good!

    Magic Star: And as thanks for saving Lickety-Split, we want you to have Dream Castle! You can begin your kingdom again!

    Grundle King: You mean it?

    Magic Star: It's yours! We have Paradise Estate now!

    Grundle King: Grundle king touched! Having new kingdom better than vacation!

    Rosedust: Goodbye, Little Ponies! Goodbye!

    Morning Glory: Bye!

    Danny: Bye!

    Morning Glory: Goodbye!

    Megan: You sure gave us a scare, Rainbow! You keep it, Lickety-Split! The Rainbow of Light belongs here, with the Little Ponies!

    Baby Lickety Split: I belong here too!

    Megan: I can't think of a better place to be!

    Baby Lickety Split: Yeah! It's the best!

    (Song - Ending Theme)
    Chorus: My Little Pony, My Little Pony,
    Now comes the time to say good-bye?
    My Little Pony, My Little Pony,
    Could that be a teardrop in your eye?

    No need for sorrow; think of tomorrow!
    We'll be together again!
    My Little Pony, My Little Pony,
    Hope you keep smiling till then!
    I hope you keep smiling till then!