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Please give time for all the pictures to download...Full List Of Items Below!


SALE List: ~Near Mint Care Bear Plush could just have a slightly faded tag or slightly rubbed heart, most NM items have nothing majorly wrong with them. These items will be listed within the 1st week of December on CareBearsGalore on Ebay.

~ Ceramic Figurines:

~Gental heart lamb figurine

~Birthday bear reaching down for cupcake figurine

~Wish bear laying on cloud with star on foot figurine

~GoodLuck Bear with Pot of Honey

~Tenderheart with 3 balloons

~Lots a heart elephant

~Grumpy Bear sitting on grass

~Cheer Bear sitting on grass

~Grumpy Bear standing up on cloud

~Bedtime bear sitting with pink cap on

~Bedtime laying down sleeping on pillow

~Friend Bear with flowers

~Funshine bear with butterfly

~Birthday bear holding birthday cake

~Braveheart Lion standing

~Funshine holding mulitcolored heart

~Loyal Heart Dog with balloon

~Bright Heart Raccoon

~Treat Heart Pig

~PLayful Heart Monkey with balloon

Ceramic Banks:

~Love-a-lot on moon Bank- (NM)

~Secret Bear Bank- (NM)

~Brave Heart Lion Bank- (tiny rub on stomach)

~Lots-a-heart Elephant Bank- (M)

~Gental Heart Lamb on cloud with an "embroidered" pink heart bank - (M)

~Gental Heart Lamb bank sitting bank, holding pink heart- (M)~Treat Heart Pig Bank- (M)

Music Boxes:

~Tenderheart and Funshine holding hands Musical-(Mint with sticker)

~Birthday bear with balloon musical- (M)

~Cheer Bear on rocking chair- (M)

~Ceramic Wish Bear on Cloud Musical with rotating star above her head- (M)

Other Ceramic/Glass Items:

~Authentic Care Bear Glass Candy Dish with glass lid- (M)

~Porcelain Baby Hugs and Tugs Plate- (M)

~Porcelain Cheer Bear plate-(M)

13'' Very Rare Plush:

~13'' PLUSH Bright Heart Raccoon RADIO- (Mint all around [even works!], except volume button is loose)

~13'' Harmony- (NM)

~13'' True Heart- (M)

~13'' Surprise- (NM)

~13'' Forest Friend Bear- (M)

~13'' Daydream Bear- (NM)

6''Very Rare Plush:

~6'' Sea Friend- (NM)

~6'' Forest Friend- (NM)

~6'' Surprise- (NM)

Slightly Rare Plush:

~13'' Wish Bear with symbol upside down, was an error by factory- (NM)

~Grams with shawl and Tag-(M)

~MIB with tag Grams with shawl

~MIB with tag Friend Bear

~MIB with tag Wish

~MIB with tag Funshine


~Share Cub WITH Bonnet- (M)

~Rabbit Cub WITH Bonnet- (NM)

~Bedtime Cub WITH Botties- (NM)

Regular Plush:

~Nearly every single 13'' US Bear -(NM-M)~Bedtime 1995 Shopko- (NM)

~Cheer 1995 Shopko- (NM)

~18'' Birthday- (NM)

~18'' Tenderheart- (M)

~18'' GoodLuck Bear- (M)


~MIP Bright Heart Raccoon solving a problem

~MIP Birthday Bear sitting with present

~MIP goodluck bear finding a lucky ladybug

~MIP Funshine marching

Poseable stuff:

~Cloud Car With Umbrella (and stand) and basket

~Complete set care bear/cousin Poseables Minus Champ

~Poseable Accessories available:

Broom, Bell, Shake, Clock, and Candle

~Plastic care-a-lot playset with Complete accessories

~Rainbow roller


~MIB Care Bear Wear(Cake Baking Clothing)

~Care Bear Wear Blue/Red Outfit with hat

~Nutcracker Suite movie

~Care Bear Suitcase

LAST UPDATED - 01/29/03