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Sindy’s first dining table and sideboard were launched. The dining table had a wood effect top and came complete with 4 chairs in cream with red seats, and a dinner service in turquoise for 4. The matching sideboard was also in cream, had 3 opening drawers and cupboards and also came with a dinner service.

The dining table was given a darker woodgrain effect top and the seats now came with turquoise upholstery.

The dining table and 4 chairs were completely changed, they were now in a Georgian design in cream plastic and the seats had maroon coloured seats. The dinner service included with the set was now white with small maroon flowers around the edges.

The sideboard was replaced by a new item - the China Cabinet. This was a cream Georgian style dresser, which had 3 glass fronted panels on the top half and 2 cupboards and 2 drawers underneath. This set came complete with silverware, glasses and crockery for display.

The only change this year was the colour of the seat covers for the dining room chairs which were changed from maroon to green.

A new item - Hostess Trolley - was launched this year. The trolley was in dark brown plastic, with 2 smoked glass opening lids and a drop leaf front. Included with this set were 4 serving dishes with lids, imitation food, place settings for 4 people and a serving plate.

Sindy’s dining room was given another total revamp. The table and chairs were now in dark brown oak effect plastic, the seat covers were in dark blue pinstripe and the matching dinner service was also changed to white with dark blue.
The china cabinet was replaced by the Dining Dresser. The dresser was in dark brown plastic to match the dining table and had 3 open display shelves on the top half and 2 cupboards and drawers on the bottom half.

The dining table, chairs and dresser remained in the same style but were changed from dark brown to cream with pink pinstripe upholstery. The accessories also changed colour to match with the new cream and pink colour scheme.

The dresser was no longer available, but the dining table and chairs had been given yet another change of colour. This time the table and chairs were changed to an unrealistic pink complete with matching pink accessories.

A new modern dining table and chair set was introduced. This time the table was white and the top opened in half to enable the accessories to be stored neatly. The chairs were in white with blue and pink striped seats. A champagne bucket and glasses were included with the accessories.