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Sindy’s first house was introduced in 1973. It was made of card and had a living room and kitchen downstairs and a bedroom and bathroom upstairs. At the back of the house there was a patio garden.

Sindy’s ‘New Home’ was introduced. This was a four roomed house made from cardboard. The pieces of cardboard slotted together via a central post and formed a cross. This house came complete with 20 pieces of ‘cut out’ cardboard furniture.

In 1979 Sindy’s New Home was updated and redecorated. The home no longer came with cut out furniture, but could house the scenesetter furniture sets which were available separately.

Sindy’s home was completely changed. She now had a 3 storey townhouse complete with rooftop garden. On the first floor was the kitchen and bathroom, on the second floor was the living room/dining room and on the third floor was the bedroom. All three floors could be accessed via a lift which attached to the side of the house and the rooftop garden was accessed via a spiral staircase leading from the bedroom.

Sindy’s Super home was introduced. This time the house remained a 3 storey one but the construction was made more rigid with the floors being made from plastic instead of cardboard. The spiral staircase to the rooftop garden was no longer there, but the garden could be reached by a lift.

Other additions to this house could be bought separately. Amongst the items available were a bedroom extension, a garage/stable, a balcony, a window pack and a door pack.

The Super Home continued to be available (although the floor was now made of hardboard and the house now had a grey roof), but was joined by Sindy’s Country Manor, which is now a rare collectors item. The Manor was a two level home, the bottom floor had a stable and garage and the second floor was a living area.

The Super Home and Country Manor were replaced by Sindy’s Star Home. The new home was pink and had a kitchen and dining room on the ground floor, a bedroom and bathroom on the second floor and a rooftop garden complete with an imitation fountain, again a lift gave access to all floors.

Sindy’s Star Home was still available, but was joined by her Dream Room. The Dream Room was a playset which featured a bedroom and bathroom and could be folded like a briefcase for storage.